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People Are Shocked As Dr. Fauci Beefs Up Security Over 'Death Threats'

Dr. Fauci Fanclub/ Instagram
By kenadijiba

Okay, who in the world has the nerve to threaten the sweet, valiant, and not to mention unapologetically blunt soul, that is Dr. Fauci. First off, Dr. Fauci has the weight of millions of lives on his tired shoulders. Known as the voice of reason during this Coronavirus pandemic, people hold this man to another standard. His opinion is highly valued even above our most beloved politicians in these moments, and to have anyone try to intimidate him over the fantastic work he’s doing is atrocious.

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Leave Fauci Alone

Dr. Fauci Fan Club/ Instagram

What do these alleged threats consist of? It’s not like Dr. Fauci is doing something controversial or mean spirited. He’s literally with each day performing the opposite, and has contributed so much to the advancement of the medical community. His resume is unmatched with work in the HIV sector among other things. So, whatever these people are threatening Dr. Fauci over has to be absolutely ludicrous. He’s been the ultimate public servant, and shouldn't have to deal with this type of negativity.

The Price Of Fame


Is this the price of being well known? Probably, since most people who gain popularity whether it be through issues like these, or social media, do have to watch out for those who might take certain things too seriously. But, as citizens of the United States we should unanimously take everything Fauci says seriously. From washing your hands, to socially distancing, and understanding the basics of Coronavirus, he is like a human information booklet. Plus, on top of being supremely knowledgeable, he has a tender personality.

Grandpa Swag

Gettyimages | Tom Werner

His thick New York accent paints him out to be the Italian grandfather we all wish we had. It's nice to listen to a Doctor and trust them completely because of their repertoire, along with their ability to make those around them comfortable. When all of this is said and done, Dr. Fauci should be ordered to take the greatest vacation known to man. Possibly a nobel peace prize? Awards aren't everything but the entirety of the medical community must be rewarded for their tirelessness, and continuous efforts.

Security Please

Gettyimages | miodrag ignjatovic

Dr. Fauci should be accompanied by the best team of security guards. They need to be beefy and unbelievably intimidating figures. Nobody should be able to get within six feet of this American treasure. Props to his wife as well who’s been forcing him to get sleep, we can't have him groggy when speaking to millions. Also, let's get a petition started for Dr. Fauci to have an official Instagram, we understand he is beyond busy but an adorable selfie would be iconic. Do it for the culture Fauci.

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