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Debbie Harry Of Blondie Fame Opens Up About How Past Heroin Addiction Was A 'Waste Of Time'

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By Marisa Roman

Debbie Harry, who was notably known for being the frontwoman in the band Blondie, recently opened up about past drug addiction when she was at the peak of her career. Harry, who is quite open about her heroin addiction, explained to ES Magazine that it took a toll on her over the years. Harry explained that “I wasn’t taking drugs when I was working, so when I was working I wasn’t taking drugs.” The 74-year-old singer commented, however, that her addiction wasn’t as bad as Amy Winehouse’s, explaining, “It wasn’t like I was, what’s her name? She didn’t want to go to rehab.”

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Harry explained to the magazine that her heroin addiction was a “drag” and that she struggled to maintain her habit because she hated having to get the drugs herself. Harry explained, “Drugs are a funny thing. The thing that drove me away from taking them was having to acquire them and what a drag that was. It was kind of a full-time occupation and a waste of time. It became unpleasant. Luckily for me, I was able to handle the withdrawal.”

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Harry has had quite the sordid past outside of heroin addiction. The singer has had a run-in with serial killer Ted Bundy, to which she had narrowly escaped an abduction, and also lost all of the money she had earned from selling over 40 million albums due to tax bills and bad management. Harry also detailed in a more “flippant” manner, according to ES Magazine being raped at knifepoint in the 1970s. She admitted to being more upset over the attacked stealing her guitars.

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While referencing the difficult times she’s been through and her seemingly nonchalant attitude, the “Heart of Glass” singer explained, “I used to be all morbid about things and this friend would say, ‘Well, I’ve got five minutes for that,’ and then she’d move on. For a while I wondered how she did it, but I took a lesson from it and managed to make it work for me. I can’t always make it work.” Harry also noted that “Sometimes I live with this darkness or idea of impossibility, but I was in a great relationship [with bandmate Chris Stein] at the time and we supported each other through it.”

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Today, though, Harry is focused more on her health than anything, working out twice a week with a trainer and eating mostly “raw foods.” Harry was asked if she was happier now in her 70s than she was in her 20s, to which she responded, “There’s [still] some dissatisfaction and hopelessness. It varies by the day.” Harry did go on to explain that she spends her days now living in New York City with her dogs, still writing music. The one gripe she has, however, is that “There are less men around for people my age, though. They’re all married with children. What’s wrong with them?”

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