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Fans Are Not Happy With Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez

Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS
By Marisa Roman

It seems there is another celebrity in the crosshairs of the general public for their behavior during the quarantine lockdown. This time, it’s none other than lovable celeb couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. While usually the pop singer and former baseball great are on the receiving end of love from fans, this time, it’s quite the opposite. Within the past few days, Lopez and Rodriguez were seen exiting a gym in Florida, despite the fact that Governor Ron DeSantis ordered a mandatory stay-at-home order for the next 30 days.

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Alex Rodriguez - IG

Lopez and Rodriguez, who are currently riding out the coronavirus pandemic at their home in Miami, Florida, were seen visiting their local gym, despite the stay-at-home order for all citizens, celebrities included. Florida finally followed 36 other states who have issued the stay-at-home order after the state received backlash for its beaches being filled with spring breakers just a week ago. Florida is the third biggest state in the country and is at an extremely high risk of the virus spreading rapidly.

Alex Rodriguez - IG

Despite the fact that Florida waited quite some time to initiate the stay-at-home order, residents and visitors should be taking it seriously. Even more so, celebrities who are in the public eye should be setting an example for followers to stay at home and curb the spread of the virus. Yet, Lopez and Rodriguez broke the order to get in a good sweat. While the gym itself is closed to the public, it seems that Lopez and Rodriguez were allowed an exception. The duo was photographed exiting the gym, and the photo made the rounds quickly, which ignited a frenzy among their fans.

Alex Rodriguez - IG

Fans found their action to be extremely hypocritical, as just last week the celebrity couple were seen encouraging fans to stay at home. On an Instagram Live video, A-Rod was giving a baseball clinic and shared a few ways for people to stay entertained while they stayed at home. Rodriguez shared on his social media, “I mentioned this during the livestream, but do you know what Shakespeare did when he was quarantined because of the plague? He wrote King Lear. You can let this time pass you by, or you can seize it and use it to work on your swing, watch a ton of video, and make yourself a better player. Or a better anything, for that matter. You can also use it to spend quality time with family. We had a blast playing a little baseball in the yard with the four powerful young women in my life.”

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Fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment in the couple, breaking the rules perhaps simply because they’re celebrities. One fan wrote, “Do Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez just need to be seen? I don’t understand.” Meanwhile, another wrote, “The privilege is unfathomable.” Fans questioned the need to go to the gym when the pair likely has a home gym to use instead. One fan wrote, “I’ve seen so many vids of celebrities working out at home who have way less money than they do wtf? They don’t have a home gym?” Another fan wrote, “THEY PROBABLY HAVE A HOME GYM IN EACH OF THEIR FOUR HOMES.”

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