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Stars Who Have Actually Beaten The Coronavirus

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By Mario Perez

The spread of Coronavirus has reached some of Hollywood's biggest stars and even the Royal family. At this point in time though, most of the actors or celebrities that have gotten the virus have been able to recover or at the very least are on the road to recovery. Even some of these people who actually got the virus while being in that dreaded age group where symptoms become much more severe and potentially life-threatening.

Here are some of the most notable cases of Coronavirus that we know of so far.

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Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

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Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, were pretty much the first big-name celebrities that contracted the virus. The couple was down in Australia as Tom was filming an Elvis biopic down under. They were also the first to really give details on what exactly having the virus actually feels like.

By what we know now though, it seems that their symptoms luckily were not as severe. Not only have they recovered, but they did not report the lack of taste and loss of the sense of smell. That seems to be a common theme with patients dealing with COVID-19

Idris Elba Detailing His Struggles

Another big star that got the coronavirus was Idris Elba. The actor mentioned that he actually was talked into getting tested after learning that he had come in contact with someone that had the virus.

Overall, he too had very mild symptoms. He recovered at home and did not report many scenes of discomfort or overall issues with the virus. He also debunked an awkward myth that was being thrown around. Which stated that people of African descent could not contract the virus. This was obviously proven false.

Rudy Gobert Closing Down Pro Sports

Giphy | Utah Jazz

If there is anyone who can be blamed and thanked actually for the shut down of pro sports it has to be Rudy Gobert. The french center from the Utah Jazz was the first NBA player to test positive for the virus.

He seemingly was responsible for passing the virus along to teammate Donovan Mitchell. Since Gobert tested positive the NBA quickly moved to shut down the league. As with all of the cases mentioned here Gobert seems to be recovering well.

Coronavirus in the Royal Family

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When it was announced that Prince Charles tested positive for Coronavirus many people really became worried because of the effects that this could have on the Royal Family. Not only is the heir to the throne in his early 70's an age that can already be considered within the more at-risk group. If he had passed on the virus to both of his parents that could spell disaster for both of them. As they are well into their 90's and would be very at risk.

It seems as though the Prince has recovered well enough to leave the complete isolation that he was being kept under though.

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