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Sophie turner and joe jonas

Sophie Turner Questions Joe Jonas Wearing Jeans While Staying Home: 'Why Do That To Your Groin?'

Gettyimages | Jacopo Raule
By Jacob Highley

Aside from being one of the most social members from "Game of Thrones", Sophie Turner is a model, actress, and is half of one of the most popular celebrity couples with Joe Jonas.

Ironically, Sophie says she is majorly introverted and loves being at home with Joe. Though she says he is such a social butterfly that he feels cooped up.

On a recent interview with Conan, she expressed her confusion over why men like Joe are wearing jeans while staying home. Conan replied that he too was wearing jeans at home. to which Sophie asked, "Why do that to your groin, Conan?"

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Sophie Making Delicious Food For Her "Italian Boy"

Italian Food
Unsplash | Jakub Kapusnak

Along with having funny interviews and talking about her stay at home, she has been actively posting updates about her and Jonas' activities. Just last week she posted a picture of her making a giant bowl of Italian food for Joe.

People responded lovingly towards both the couple and the amazing food that was prepared. Here are some of my favorite comments:

"As a fellow Italian boy that looks good!!" - garyjanetti (Commenter)

"this fiorucci bucket deserves more praise." - daniellegoldberg (Commenter)

Joe and Sophie having Fun On Live Streams

Giphy | CBC

By far my favorite updates from Joe and Sophie have been the live streams. Not only do they often sing songs and dance together, but they add hilarious filters which make their faces look super huge!

It has become such a fun trend for them that fans actively wait for new posts like it. Some of the comments I found were awesome.

"Never seen anything more beautiful in my life" - sophlwx (Commenter)

"mom come pick me up...." - lllireinhart (Commenter)

"you look good in this" - sakshi.kri (Commenter)

Joe Getting Goofy

joe jonas
Wikimedia |

With so much free time on his hands, Joe has consistently surprised fans with goofy or odd videos.

I think the great thing about people making the best of current world events is the inspiration it creates. Millions of people around the world are watching their favorite actors, artists, and influencers online for comfort.

Things get scary, but we have people who care about us. It means a lot to people. If anything, we can count on people to be funny like Joe Jonas.

Sophie Working On New Quibi "Survive"

movie making
Gettyimages | Rowan Jordan

In other news, Sophie has been actively working on the Quibi "Survive" which is to debut this month. Though Quibi's are usually rather short, this one appears to have significantly more content behind it.

I really like Sophie's role. It looks like she will be playing an interesting character and have dynamic emotional ties to her partner.

Fans expressed big support for the project in the comments. Kudos to the last one below.

"Looks so good! ❤️" - hungvanngo (Commenter)

"Damn game of thrones looks different" - romman_b5 (Commenter)

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