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Reporter Interrupted In The Middle Of At Home Broadcast

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By Nora Pattugalan

When watching the news, everyone is used to seeing a news anchor at the studio, or the reporter at the scene. Resorting to staying at home because of the worldwide pandemic, billions of people must comply. With that compliance is the decision to take work home.

Because of majority of work is done at the studio or elsewhere, doing the job at home would take a lot of persistence. For one news reporter, her extraordinary virtual broadcast took a hilarious turn.

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Jessica Lang from Florida is a news reporter for Suncoast News Network in Tampa. Reporting on the current Coronavirus situation, she stands comfortably in her home kitchen. Behind her, Lang's father is seen pulling his shirt down, exposing his belly.

It can be assumed that her mother was behind the camera and smirking as Jessica asks "What did you do, mom?" Appearing from the hall is Jessica's father. She quickly exclaims, "Dad! Holy crap!" expressing her surprise and visible frustration.

With over thirteen thousand likes on this post, people on Twitter must have enjoyed the quick five-second video. It massed nearly eight-hundred thousand views. As entertaining as it may be, it could have been annoying for Lang. Viewers did not hesitate to leave comments.

Rather than being flustered, the reporter comically uploaded and captioned the video with "Work from home they said, it'll be fine they said." Working is already an energy-fueling thing to do, but at home, it's another story.

Millions of people are trying to make use of their time throughout this seemingly endless confinement. There hundreds of things to do, although work is definitely a priority. This is an unexpected occurrence, but it is also funny and anyone can relate.

Living with parents, while trying to make ends meet for yourself, is a lot of hard work. Besides having jobs on the mind, people across the country are filling up their daily schedules with hobbies, self-care routines, time with family, and more.

This could very well be a learning experience for Jessica Lang and everyone else who must broadcast at home. She may one day look back at the video and laugh, giving a struggling time something to remember. Working at home with other people around is never easy.

Around the globe, people are told to stay home to avoid a virus. However, this liberating time at home can be a blessing for those who rarely spend time with friends or family, those who are not usually at home.

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