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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Drama: Are There Already Problems on 'The Land'?

Jenelle Evans | Instagra
By A. Elise

The relationship between Jenelle Evans and David Eason was seemingly calming down. After the two separated in October 2019, Jenelle spent some time in Nashville before moving back home to "the land." Jenelle was seemingly going to work things out with David, and they even had a plan for building a stronger relationship.

Seemingly, Jenelle and David have been social distancing, staying at home with the children. Things may have taken a turn for the worse, however, based on social media posts.

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Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

Recent social media posts show that there could be more than meets the eye on the land. Some wondered if there was an elaborate prank going on, but the fact that the posts were deleted left people following the story with whiplash.

On Instagram, David posted, "I'm so happy that we have become so close and bonded recently. Here's to a lifetime of our own kind of quarantine, boat rides, ATV trails, living off the land, etc." Within 48 hours, things had seemingly changed.

Jenelle Evans and son
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

On Facebook, Janelle allegedly wrote, "My phone is smashed so if anyone needs to get a hold of me message me on here." She had also posted, "Can't trust a soul. . . . EVER. . . When will it stop."

She also posted a story on social media with a picture of daughter Ensley and a caption reading, "My kids are the only ones that make me happy." These posts have left many of Jenelle's followers wondering what has happened on the land.

Jenelle Evans and daughter
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

Another post deleted by Jenelle apparently read, "Someone take me away, far away." One Reddit user said, ""This seems way too scripted. They're just generating 'drama' for clickbait."

While some believe that Jenelle might be trying to drum up interest for another reality show, others believe there is something more sinister going on. After all, some point out, she was just talking about how well the two were doing days ago after having reconnected. And of course, there are still some who think it could all be a big April Fool's joke.

Jenelle Evans and children
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

Somebody else noted that Jenelle and David don't seem to follow each other on Instagram anymore. Regardless of whether the incident is "real" or not, many have decided that they no longer want to follow Jenelle on social media.

Some Reddit users have also speculated that a Twitter account people believe to be David's was posting about Jenelle looking at the social media accounts of an ex-boyfriend. No matter the truth, it does appear that things are not good on "the land."

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