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'I'm Still Twice As Good As You'll Ever Be,' Eminem Boasts in 'Premonition.'

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By Lacretia Roberts

Eminem has always been an artist who provokes conversations and even controversies from time to time.

His lyrics are often pervasive and bold but also offensive and unapologetic. These characteristics are a trademark for the 8 Mile artist and are in part, responsible for the popularity and respect donned upon him.

It is no secret that Eminem has had a difficult journey in the music industry.

When he entered the scene, produced by Dr. Dre, his talent was inevitably apparent as was the concern for his explicit content.

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@eminem | Instagram

Slim Shady delivered a wacky and zany character and alter ego within Eminem that was mainly produced, according to lyrics by,

"a little but of weed mixed with some hard liquor."

Of course Eminem has dealt with the battle of defending his content and it's effect on listeners for years.

Despite criticism the star has continued to break records and rise up against all odds.

Eminem has won a plethora of awards, from an Oscar for 'Lose Yourself' and a Billboard Music award for 'Love The Way You Lie,' to Grammys for both his album, 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2' and the song 'Monster.'

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He also won Grammys for his album 'Recovery' and song 'Not Afraid,' though

Essentially marking himself one of the greatest rappers of all time, Eminem has has a considerable journey with his music.

It makes sense then, that the star opened his first album of 2020, 'Music To Be Murdered By,' with the song 'Premonition.'

It opens with a soulfully grim chrous by Nikki Gier,

"Got a premonition. I feel the end is near The beauty starts to fade. The joy has turned to pain. I hear the symphony playin' Ten thousand violins. Souls floating away like feathers in the wind."

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It's clear that Eminem is referring to the industry, as he has done before. He expresses his love and hate for the game considering all he's experienced.

"I was the G, the O-A-T. Once I was played in rotation at every radio station. They said I'm lyrically amazing but I have nothing to say. But then when I put out Revival and I had something to say, they said that they hated, the awake me."

"I lose the rage, I'm too tame. I get it back, they say I'm too angry. I need to get me some Dre beats. No, I should hook up with Tay Keith. Fans keep on pulling me one way, haters pull me in another, got more hooks in me than Swae Lee."

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Explosive lyrics make a comeback as Eminem uses 'Premonition,' to set the record straight by giving insight to his perspective while simultaneously reclaiming his title as one of the best.

"This shit's almost comical. Wait, and I meant no disrespect. I wasn't dissin' Tech, that was not a shot at 2 Chainz or to Jay-Z. They probably feel the same way because lately, Instead of us being credited for longevity and being able to keep it up for this long at this level, we, get told we'll never be what we were."

"B*tch, if I was as half as good as I was, I'm still twice as good as you'll ever be. Only way that you're ahead of me's alphabetically. 'Cause if you diss me I'm coming after you like the letter V."

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