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ABC's 'The Baker and the Beauty' is a TV Rom-Com for the Ages

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By Francesca O'Hern

The Baker and the Beauty is ABC's latest bingeable series. This hour-long romantic comedy show will likely be the sweet antidote to everything that's going on in the outside world. Based on the Israeli series Beauty and the Baker, it follows a baker who falls for a supermodel turned fashion mogul, and all the hilarity that ensues. The new show's creative and production team gave an interview to Variety magazine, where they discussed the journey that led to The Baker and the Beauty.

It's Based on an Israeli Rom-Com Show

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The original Israeli series, Beauty and the Baker, is about Noa, a beautiful model and actress who meets Amos, who works at his family's bakery and lives with his parents, by chance at a restaurant. Their meeting leads to a sweet and funny love story. The American version is very similar, but instead of an Israeli family, our male lead comes from a Cuban background, and our heroine is a model and businesswoman. The new series also takes place in Miami.

The Original Source Material is Familiar


If the story of an international celebrity falling in love with a normal guy sounds familiar, that's because it is: Peter Traugott, the president of Keshet Studios, which produces both versions, compared the premise to the Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts film Notting Hill. "To do 'Notting Hill' as a TV show seemed like such an obvious thing," he explained. Dean Georgaris, the new show's writer, agreed, saying "The Notting Hill aspect is absolutely fun, it’s absolutely interesting. It’s a chance to explore what falling in love is like for all of us, but then you do it through this heightened prism of celebrity."

The Creators Ran into Some Roadblocks

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Although the show was successful in Israel and is inspired by a very popular film, it took a while to get others on board with The Baker and the Beauty. Even Georgaris was skeptical at first: "There’s a reason romantic comedies have always been movies, and there hasn’t been a one-hour, romantic comedic television show on network television," he admitted. Now, however, American audiences have become accustomed to novelty and unconventional structure in their TV, and the time is right for an hour-long romantic dramedy now.

So, What's So Special about this Show?

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The Cuban culture and the unique city of Miami give this show its own personality, one that's distinct from either Notting Hill, which takes place in London, on Beauty and the Baker, which happens in Tel Aviv. "Miami and the Cuban immigrant community just seemed like a perfect marriage, no pun intended, for the dynamic of the show," explained Georgaris. "[T]he idea that when you get together with someone, you’re not just getting together with them, you’re getting families together, that’s what really got me excited.” The Baker and the Beauty premieres April 13 on ABC.

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