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Arnold Schwarzenegger Encourages Positivity During Pandemic

Gettyimages | Tim P. Whitby
By Nora Pattugalan

As any viral illness goes, individuals become plagued with physical complications. Because COVID-19 is a global problem, waves of people are also becoming personally and emotionally affected. Regardless of status, COVID-19 reminds each individual that we are all humans trying to make it through a rough situation.

Social media has become a tool of destruction, although it lately has been used as a tool for encouragement. Celebrities have thousands of followers on social media hoping for inspiration. Intending to keep calm, the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger continuously gave advice.

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When scrolling through Schwarzenegger’s Instagram account, it is visibly full of life. The former Terminator is showing everyone what he has been up to, what keeps him happy, and how he stays healthy.

Unbelievably, there are hundreds of things to do while at home and ways to enjoy yourself while keeping away from others. In a very recent post by Arnold Schwarzenegger, he highly promoted the importance of exercise. You can see him riding his bike around one day and staying indoors another time.

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The persistence of staying home is getting through thousands of people. We stay home to prevent the spread of existing illnesses and to prevent future ones. COVID-19 has been proven to take down anyone in its path.

Showing the world that he can have fun while staying at home, Arnold Schwarzenegger posts videos of himself with his loving pets. If these don’t motivate people to happily keep themselves at home, what will? Generally being at home can be boring, but knowing how to maintain your own health doesn't have to be.

Gettyimages | BG004/Bauer-Griffin

He states in one post, “There are a lot of things we can’t control during this crisis, so we need to focus on what we can control…”. As a reminder, people are told to wash their hands, stay clean, and keep at least six feet away from others.

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a different approach by helping others practice social distancing and self-care. Nationally, people have reported experiences of displacement and irritability from being at home. Schwarzenegger reminds people that this road of confusion is only temporary and there are ways to keep your mind off isolation.

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His words are true, something invisible but deadly such as the Coronavirus can’t be controlled physically. Circumstances change to better lives of others. Not only is Schwarzenegger keeping himself busy, but he is also spreading generosity with words of kindness and more. At this time, first responders are working their hardest to keep everyone and themselves safe to live life.

When it comes to helping others, there is a time for that, but it is also important to check on yourself. Exercise, breathing in fresh air, playing with pets, and spreading love are great examples.

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