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'The Bachelors' Colton Underwood Speaks On Questioning His Sexuality

Colton Underwood/ Instagram
By kenadijiba

For a football player from middle America, and now an alumni of “The Bachelor” franchise to speak on being confused about his sexuality so publically, is an incredible thing. Even whilst making immense strides towards a world that's not so hyper focused on who one another is sleeping with, stigma still exists. In some ways for men it's harder to come out and speak on feeling attraction for the same sex. If a man did decide to tell his current partner who is a female, that he once had a past of liking other males, it still isn't an easy pill to swallow.

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Internal Conflict

Colton Underwood/ Instagram

For example, with the complexities surrounding bisexuality theres criticism that arises from the gay community, and the straight community. Nobody seems to be able to comprehend that there is a human being on Earth who finds both sides of the spectrum enticing. This isn't a new conflict by a long shot, and there's still a lot of hypocrisy that must be addressed in order to move forward. Women have to be more open minded, and men have to get to a strong place of comfortability.


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As for Colton and his story, in a recent interview fans were absolutely surprised and even elated that the theme wasn't surrounding his contraction of the Coronavirus, but his life dealings. While growing up Colton spoke of constant bullying he received due to people always expressing doubt over his sexuality, and how that eventually affected the manner in which he views himself. Most people can identify with this tale of others imposing their own views on who they believe they are.


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Now, Colton has with great pronounced dignation said he is a straight man. After meeting Cassie on “The Bachelor” he quickly felt like she was the woman for him, and all doubts subsided. Still, whenever you as a public figure acknowledge that there might have been past feelings of same sex attraction, thats what you are labeled as forever. Imagine if Leonardo Dicaprio came out and said when he was younger he looked up on Google the basic question of, Am I gay? There would be this push to color him as only that.

A Gimmick?

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

If Colton says he is a straight man then that should be what people respect him as. The insensitive comments that relay back to even if you think for a second another man is handsome, then you must be gay, are just unfair. What's quite sad is that women don't face that same hardship. But, this could be because of the overt sexualition women have faced throughout the years. Especially when it comes to dating other women. For some reason there are men who strongly believe lesbian relationship are a gimmick.

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