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Was Impeachment A Distraction From Coronavirus?

Donald Trump/ Instagram
By kenadijiba

In the game of politics there's always a point made of finding someone or something to blame. Unfortunately even during a crisis as stressful, and life altering as Coronavirus, there’s still drama surrounding partisanship. Coronavirus doesn't care what side of the aisle you're on. All the virus needs to thrive is a host. No matter whether you're a die hard, forty five year old Republican white man, or a 20 year old who has just graduated from college, Mexican American Coronavirus won't discriminate.

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Donald Trump/ Instagram

Once people recognize the ridiculousness of putting party above health and human lives, then we can all break down how to band together and combat this virus. But, just as people were on the way towards that brighter path, this new idea of Impeachment being the main reason as to why Coronavirus precautions were not taken in a speedy manner came to fruition. Democrats and Republicans on both sides choosing to play this blame game in the midst of a pandemic can't be beneficial.

Election Season


This also in terms of election season is going to be another supposed hurdle Donald Trump will have to jump through. If somehow he as the commander in chief finds a way during this 30 month trial period of everyone staying at home, to flatten the curve, he could use that as a major reason for why he’d be a better leader than whatever Democratic nominee. Coronavirus at the end of the day has the ability to make or break Donald Trump’s campaign.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Unsplash | Carly Kewley

Today, it is April 1st and we will have to see where we are as a country by April 30th. Right now the stats show that the cases are piling up, and it's projected that more than 100,000 Americans could contract/die from Corona. As for China, the air has not settled down yet. The quarantine which lasted approximately around two months has now been dropped, and people are wondering whether all is well in the country. Will China work with all other nations on a possible cure?

Dr. Fauci

Gettyimages | Tom Williams

Time is the only indicator right now, and as the great Dr. Fauci has said over and over, the virus is the one who ultimately holds the power. We might be able to enforce certain stay at home guidelines, and social distance as much as possible, but we are really at the mercy of it. Politicians at the end of the day should be focused on calming down the American people's anxieties, and prioritizing relief funds for those most affected.

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