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Are Iran And The United States Back At Odds?

Donald Trump/ Instagram
By kenadijiba

The beginning of this year already had tell tale signs that 2020 wasn't going to ever be a walk in the park. This entire “almost” war inducing conflict between “The United States” and Iran had everyone on their toes. Protests even broke out that left a deep impression, and eventually the back and forth between these countries stopped. Obviously calling strikes off doesn't necessarily mean Donald Trump and the Prime Minister of Iran were going out for brunch, but we all did take a sigh of relief.


Nancy Pelosi/ Instagram

Once Coronavirus started to become a global issue Iran didn't remain unaffected, and called on the U.S to relinquish certain sanctions on the country that were trickling down into caring for the ill. The U.S still not budging has not shown any desire to cool down on these measures, and Iran’s leadership is not content with that. So, this morning when Trump tweeted out something concerning Iran planning a “sneak attack” on U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq as well as certain supplies, people were more confused than anything.

Issues With Iran

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It seems like every six months especially during the Trump presidency, there's always some issue arising with the U.S. and Iran. Why is that? With all the propaganda spouted from both sides it's hard to get a grip on the actual problems. You would think that by having the United Nations as an outlet for each country to express dissatisfaction, world hostilities would be easily confronted. Sadly, it looks like we are returning to old ways of “fighting” that will only bring upon more stress on all nations.

An Attack?

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Is Trump’s tweet genuinely the truth? Has Iran planned some kind of attack on U.S soldiers? If so, hopefully after Trump put Iran’s alleged intentions on blast the government might think it wise to go through with them. Especially during this unbelievably trying time. Are people supposed to deal with not only the fear of contracting Coronavirus, but also a possibility of war once again. We thought we were over this, but it appears as if it'll be a recurring threat fest.

Vice President Pence

Giphy | Election 2016

Whoever is on Trump’s team, including Vice President Pence, should pay attention to modeling the good things about him as a leader, and refining the not so good aspects. From now on wouldn't it be better for Vice President Pence to announce certain global issues going on in the world. If those running his campaign understand that at times his words can distract from his policies wouldn't it be their responsibility to step in? Unless there's an unforeseen benefit to all this.

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