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Whoopi Goldberg Calls Out Bernie Sanders On 'The View'

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By kenadijiba

Not too long ago presidential candidate Bernie Sanders went on “The View”, and ended up having the most awkward of conversations with co host, Whoopi Goldberg. This blunt exchange was more or less expected. Dedicated viewers of the show have always criticized how publicly biased all the hosts have been towards Vice President Biden. If Bernie isn't being mentioned at all, then he’s made out to be holding the Democratic party back. His progressive ideals have always been hailed as radical when the hosts bring up his name.

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Journalistic Integrity?

Whoopi Goldberg/ Instagram

As journalists providing the people of “The United States' ' with information on what's happening right now, isn't there a responsibility to remain impartial? It is true that with the title of the show there is a desire to hear varying opinions, but there also should be an openness when it comes to addressing topics or politicians who aren’t “favored”. Just comparing how Biden’s wins have been highlighted versus Senator Sanders, it's quite clear where the women aside from Meghan McCain, stand.


Whoopi Goldberg/ Instagram

Although Joe Biden is the hailed Democratic frontrunner at this moment, things still can change. His last appearances, including on “The View” have not been universally satisfying. With frequent pauses and obvious editing between sentences, people have a fear surrounding him as a viable competitor against Donald Trump. The popular podcast King, Joe Rogan has even come out and said that Joe Biden due to his alleged cognitive issues, will be easy prey for the attentive Donald Trump. Sanders on the other hand could have a better chance at battling during those long debates.

History Repeating Itself

Giphy | Election 2016

When Bernie went on “The View” there was automatically a sense of tension. As soon as Whoopi began asking her questions there was also a strong element of blame spilling. Some have coined Whoopi’s hard line of questioning as a way to hold Sanders accountable for his choices that could affect Biden’s future as a candidate. Without a thought in the world, Whoopi asked Bernie unabashedly why he’s trying to repeat 2016, and inevitably hold Biden back, like he did with Hilary.

Social Media Response

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The response on social media was almost 60/40. A Lot of people praised the hell out of Whoopi for doing what other anchors haven't, and then there were those who were absolutely embarrassed, and disgusted by the manner in which Whoopi conducted the interview. Some of the comebacks on behalf of Sanders were no holds barred. From calling out Biden for his inability to maintain composure, and praising Bernie for his motivated spirit. It’s crystalline that the world is not one hundred percent behind Joe Biden.

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