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Hidden Gems to Watch on Netflix During Quarantine

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By Brian Morales

So you are scrolling through Netflix, just trying to find something to get your mind off things. It just so turns out that you've seen it all already...or have you?

There is a few hidden gems on Netflix that many aren't aware of. There are plenty of movies that rest in the limbo of most people's feeds, and its a shame because some of these titles happen to be some of Netflix's finest. Let's take a look at some of these hidden gems.

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'Good Time' (2017)

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Good Time is a heart-pounding thriller by Benny Safdie, and Josh Safdie. The two brothers have really gotten traction for their newest project Uncut Gems, which won countless awards among other praise.

After a bank robbery goes wrong (which lands his younger brother in prison) Connie Nikas, played by Robert Pattinson, goes on a twisted journey to get him out of jail.

The film uses hyper realistic dialogue, and a very interesting camera style to suck the viewer in. This movie might not be for everyone, but it will certainly have you thinking about it once those melancholic credits roll on the screen.

'Train to Busan' (2016)

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Train to Busan is flat-out one of the best zombie films ever made. It has gone under the radar of many viewers, and remains criminally underrated for the most part. The film tells the simple of story of a group of passengers who try to get to the other side of the city during a zombie apocalypse.

It seems a little on the nose to watch a zombie film during quarantine, but what you will see is a smartly directed, pulse-pounding, wonderfully-acted movie that warrants multiple viewings.

'Edge of Seventeen' (2016)

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Now for a more light-hearted mood is Kelly Fremon Craig's coming of age film Edge of Seventeen. Starring Hailee Steinfeld as the lead, the film charmingly tells the story of a high school student just trying to survive her life as a young-adult.

While the movie does have some cliches, it ultimately succeeds in being a smartly written, and refreshing take on the classic high school tale. With entertaining scenes, and unique takes on usual comedy tropes, Edge of Seventeen is a very entertaining flick to pass the time.

'Drive' (2011)

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Last but not least is the slow burn Drive. The 2011 drama takes a quiet driver (played by Ryan Gosling) and pits him up against some dangerous people. Perhaps director Nicolas Winding Refn's best film, Drive is expertly shot, and is sleek enough to keep us immersed.

All these flicks are on Netflix for your viewing pleasure right now. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and we recommend you get to watching, while you still have the time.

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