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Harry and Meghan Could Be Living Out Princess Diana's Dream!

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By Mario Perez

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have finalized their split from the Royal Family they are seemingly free to be able to do with their lives as they see fit. Something that would have certainly not been possible if they had remained within the Royal fold.

As it turns out though, Harry may actually be living out one of his mother's dreams. To actually be able to own a house out in Malibu to basically retire from the stress of the public eye.

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Dodi Fayed's Malibu Home

Unsplash | Lauren Richmond

Prior to his death Dodi Fayed had bought a Malibu home. According to multiple sources, such as former royal butler Paul Burrell the princess had plans to move out to Malibu with Dodi Fayed in the near future. As a way to be able to escape the media circus that seemingly was her life after the split from the Royal Family.

It is not clear whether or not Harry is making the move with clear intentions of emulating his mother. Maybe, it is just one of those things that happen to be a coincidence.

Where Are They Now?

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It has certainly been a strange couple of days for Harry and Meghan. As they were trying to settle into their new life the Coronavirus outbreak has seemingly derailed their plans in a big way. Yet, they may have actually benefitted from the situation. As they are said to be quarantined at an undisclosed location near Beverly Hills.

This time in quarantine has certainly allowed them to take a breather from the paparazzi and all of the media people in and around their lives.

Changing Families

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Although, Harry is saying goodbye to his own family his certainly eager to have his mother in law be more involved in his life. According to multiple reports by the Daily Mail in the Uk one of the things that is seemingly important for the couple is to be able to stay close to Meghan's mother.

Doria Markle has a home in View Park Windsor Hills. Which, is a wealthy neighborhood near downtown Los Angeles. While Harry is looking for something a little more exclusive he does want his home to be close enough to this area.

Setting Up A Team

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As of right now the priorities that the couple has besides, staying safe involve putting a team together. They have reportedly met with many PR reps in the LA area. They have already hired the person that is going to be running their charity work for them.

One of the big things that they are going to have to figure out is what to do about their personal security. President Donald Trump has made it very clear that the couple would not be getting government help on this matter.

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