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The Sports Industry Is Putting Celebrities To Shame With Coronavirus Relief

Gettyimages | Adam Glanzman
By Desmund Ullrich

Out of all the entertainers that we pay to see, sports entertainers including owners, coaches, athletes, managers, and broadcasters are said to be the least paid for their effort and endurance. Yet, the sports industry is putting actors, writers, musicians, and other entertainment professionals to shame with the amount of time and money that they are giving back to the country during our current COVID-19 outbreak. Here in the States, the job market has crashed, the economy is on a rollercoaster, and most in-person events have been canceled or postponed through the summer.

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Celebrities graced us with songs.

Instagram | Gal Gadot

With the continuous cancellations of all things related to movies, television, theater, festivals, and concerts celebrities really are trying their best, but they are also staying in their own lane. They are entertainers and they are doing what they do best; gracing us with songs, live streaming concerts, and trying to lift spirits. This is great to most but people, especially those who have dished out whole paychecks in order to see their favorite artists in concert, are expecting them to do more.

Clippers owner donated $XX million.

Instagram | Steve Ballmer

According to 'The Simple Dollar', the average American spends $2,482 per year on entertainment, needless to say, these people are right. Most of these entertainers would not be rich and famous if it wasn't for their supportive fans. As understanding as we are trying to be, a new wave of coronavirus relief from the elites of American Sports is now making it even harder to remove the pressure.

Even with sports completely cancelled, people like Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer, have found a way to help - donating $25 million to coronavirus relief and vaccine research.

Live-streamed concert are now a thing.

Instagram | Dave Grohl

While live-streamed concerts are free entertainment and currently on-trend, they are little in comparison to the hard cash that athletes and owners are putting up. While NFL families have donated over $35 million to COVID-19 relief, Elton John's highly publicized iHeart Radio 'Living Room Concert for America' yielded only $8 Million. Even worse, the concert was headlined by artists such as Alicia Keys, Dave Grohl, Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, Camilla Cabello, and others, who collectively have an estimated net worth of over $500 million.

Some celebrities are doing their best.

Gettyimages | Shirlaine Forrest

Some celebrities will always be humble and connected to their fans. Even though their donations are small in comparison, the $1,00 to $1 million here and there from stars such as Rihanna, Jay-Z's Shawn Carter Foundation, Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Swift, and others are helping in very significant ways. Lil Nas X, has set up a $30,000 scholarship to help those struggling with student loans during the shutdown.

Americans need not fret because companies are also forking up some major cash to keep us afloat, like Google's recent $800 million donations to support businesses, organizations, and healthcare workers.

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