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John Mayer Pokes More Fun At The Clueless Wealthy During Quarantine

Instagram | John Mayer
By Desmund Ullrich

Without a doubt, John Mayer has been poking fun at all the elitism that Instagram has been experiencing from celebrities in quarantine. As part of his IGTV talk show, which is gaining amazing popularity, he has given us his take on the current situations of entertainment - even before the current pandemic. The show, which he has titled "Current Mood" is broadcasted every Sunday night at 11 p.m. and includes celebrity guests as well as musical performances in front of a homemade backdrop.

Mayer remixed a thoughtless cover.

Instagram | John Mayer

The show has no bells or whistles and is filmed from the "Your Body Is A Wonderland" singer's iPhone. It is purposefully raw, comedic, and perfect for Mayer who has been considered to be a cynical 'bad boy' in the entertainment industry.

Last week's show brought us a parody of the sing-a-long cover of John Lennon's 'Imagine' that was posted by Gal Gabot along with countless other a-list celebrities. Mayer remixed their version with his own hashed in bits of Ariana Grande's ‘Imagine‘.

Geffen is isolated on a mega-yacht.

Gettyimages | Portland Press Herald

Without a doubt, John Mayer hasn't been shy about his thoughts on celebrities during the coronavirus pandemic and he seals the angst with a new parody song, 'Drone Shot of My Yacht'.

While the caption nor catchy tune mentions anyone by name, the video features photos of billionaire David Geffen's picture-perfect yacht, the 454-foot $590 million 'Rising Sun', that recently received a ton of backlash on social media after the DreamWorks Pictures founder posted about his own coronavirus self-isolation on Saturday.

Ivanka sanitizes with Aesop soap.

Gettyimages | Mark Wilson

Geffen's caption? "[I]solated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus." While his isolation may have been true, it wasn't received well by Instagram users and was quickly deleted. However, Geffen is not the only celebrity who has been criticized for sharing and flaunting their lifestyles while the world remains in panic.

Even Ivanka Trump, who was attempting to educate the public about the importance of washing their hands misstepped with a video of her children utilizing expensive Aesop soap and leaving the water running while sanitation supplies remain as a shortage in most stores.

Cardi B called COVID-19 celebrities.

Instagram | Cardi B

While some celebrities are completely oblivious to the importance of their wealth appropriations and sway on public opinion; others, like Mayer, are taking this chance to put them in their places.

Celebrities like rapper Cardi B have pointed out the fact that celebrities who have publicly disclosed that they have tested positive for the coronavirus without having any symptoms are confusing the general public. Britney Spears reposted a quote from Mimi Zhu calling for wealth redistribution and was accompanied by Fran Drescher who has called for a very necessary labor strike.

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