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Quentin Tarantino at an event for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino Calls Brad Pitt’s Shirtless Scene Closest To 'Homoerotica' He’s Ever Filmed

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By Ona L

“Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood” is the ninth and supposedly second last film from director/writer Quentin Tarantino who claims that he will retire after 10 films. The film did so well that people are still talking about it, including Tarantino himself. The new dad was a guest on Amy Schumer’s podcast “3 Girls, 1 Keith” where he got candid about his relationship with Brad Pitt and the infamous shirtless scene in the film that no one expected. Even Tarantino was shocked about a few things that took place on set.

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Pitt is used to showing off his abs ion films. At one time, earlier in his career, one would have said it was his money maker. Films like Fight Club and Thelma And Louise are just two of the more popular films that the actor took his shirt off in. Tarantino would be crazy to not want to utilize this talent if you had it on hand. He called Pitt a “master” at being topless on camera. He even learned a thing or two from his friend not that his is the shirt off kind of guy.

Quentin Tarantino and Julia Butters at the Oscars
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Schumer giggled nervously as Tarantino described that day on set. “In public Brad is kind of shy about stuff like that… at the same time he knows exactly what time it is.” Tarantino said filming that scene made him realize that this is probably the closest he will ever get to filing homoerotica in his career. Sounds like that day on set was steamy. What made Tarantino think this? Simple, Pitt probably has that affect on people. After all these years, he must have perfected taking his shirt off on camera.

Quentin Tarantino and wife Daniella Pick
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Tarantino described how he thought the scene was going to go. “I’m thinking maybe unbutton the Hawaiian shirt, and you peel that off the Champion T-shirt,” recalled Tarantino. However, Pitt had other plans. “Really?” said Pitt, shocked. You want me to go through all that button bulls - - t? I’ll just take it off in one big go!”. The actor followed up by telling Tarantino, “let the master do his job.” Who else didn’t realize that Pitt took his undressing so serious?

Quentin Tarantino at an event
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Pitt and Tarantino seemed to have stuck up a great relationship during their time filming together. The two have made the rounds while promoting the film razzing one another. Pitt once jokingly called out Tarantino for not being able to stop talking. “He needed cocaine to stop talking.” It’s great to see the actor still being able to joke and have a good time even after having his dirty laundry aired out by ex-wife Angelina Jolie for the past few years. Pitt is rumoured to be in the upcoming Damien Chazelle film “Babylon” so hopefully fans get another shirtless scene or at least more behind the scene gems like this one.

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