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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Reportedly Growing Close Through Quarantine Amid Pandemic

Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth
By Zachary Holt

While the order to quarantine is difficult for many people out of a desire to be social with others and get away from annoying family members, it's seemingly helping Justin Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, build on getting closer after the controversy with Alisha Wainwright only five months ago. According to a source that spoke with Us Weekly, the couple is using the opportunity to further develop their relationship and rekindle the romance between themselves, while at the same time, being there for their child, Silas.

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Source Shares That the Quarantine Is Helping Timberlake and Biel with Their Relationship

Gettyimages | David Cannon

"Although the pandemic is very stressful, Jess is trying to look on the bright side of things and thinks the extra downtime that comes along with the situation is great for her and Justin's relationship," the insider revealed to Us Weekly.

"They of course both have their moments of being irritated, but it has ultimately brought them closer and having the main focus be each other and [son] Silas has been a good thing." Currently, Timberlake, Biel, and their son are isolating themselves in the mountains and staying busy through playing games, cooking, and watching movies.

'They're Enjoying Being Healthy and Safe Together' Amid the Pandemic

O'Connor Arroyo | AFF

"They're enjoying being healthy and safe together," the source close to the couple continued. Timberlake and Biel have been going through therapy to help their relationship improve and they're certainly not letting the coronavirus pandemic get in the way of that. The insider shared that both are still attending those therapy sessions through Skype and FaceTime applications.

"They make time to work on themselves and open up about their issues," they explained. "As a whole, they are having fun and have been getting along. They are doing well and are happy."

Timberlake Shares That His Family's Isolating, Encourages People to Support Each Other

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Just a few days ago, Timberlake took to his Instagram account to share with his fans that his family was quarantining in a secluded location. He also encouraged people to stick together and help others out during this trying time.

"Out here social distancing with the fam and a lot of these [three tree emojis] I hope you guys are staying safe and healthy," he said.

"We need to stick together and look out for each other during this crazy time. Go through my stories for some ways you can support your local communities. While there's a lot of chaos and confusion right now, there's also a lot of good and so many ways to help."

The Singer Is Caught Holding Hands with Alisha Wainwright in Late 2019

Danny Moloshok | Invasion

Towards the end of 2019, Timberlake was seen getting a little cozy and holding hands with his 'Palmer' costar, Alisha Wainwright, while they were at a bar in New Orleans. The ordeal was immediately publicized all over the country, leading Timberlake to issue a formal statement explaining that nothing happened between the two.

Ultimately, though, the incident resulted in major issues between Timberlake and Biel and the subsequent need for marriage counseling, despite the singer's argument that everything was harmless during his outing with Wainwright.

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