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Colton Underwood holds a rose on the front over of his new book 'The First Time'

Colton Underwood Discusses Aly Raisman In New Book 'The First Time'

Colton Underwood/Instagram
By Sarah Veldman

In his new book 'The First Time,' Colton Underwood discusses many things, including his relationship with current girlfriend Cassie Randolph, his time on Bachelor franchise shows, and his sexuality.

He also writes about a more high profile relationship with Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, whom he dated from August 2016 to April 2017.

In Us Weekly's Here For The Right Reasons podcast, Colton discussed what he wrote, claiming he hopes Raisman won't be offended.

He said, “I felt like I’ve been very respectful of how I’ve handled a lot of that situation."

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Colton Detailed His Relationship With Aly Raisman

Colton Underwood reading his new book 'The First Time'
Colton Underwood/Instagram

He continued, “Hopefully she’s doing well, and she doesn’t take offense to anything I put in there.”

Colton details their first date, talking about how they got on really well, and only had good things to say about her. He wrote, “Aly was easy to talk to. She was open, funny, bright, honest, and inquisitive. The more time I spent with Aly, the more attractive I found her. She was funny, sharp, and cool about things. She was very mature for her age, no doubt from having to grow up fast. She was together. She worked hard in and out of the gym.”

He Wrote About Their Successful First Date

Aly Raisman in a gold dress
Alexandra Raisman/Instagram

About their first date, he wrote, “It was very late when I dropped her back at her hotel, and when I said I’d had a great time, I meant it. Later that night, Aly texted me a thank-you. Neither of us had expected to get on as well as we did. For a first date, it couldn’t have gone better.”

Unfortunately, Raisman broke up with Colton over Facetime, and he was completely taken aback.

He wrote, "I pulled over to the side of the road, stunned and unable to comprehend this was happening. Aly said she felt overwhelmed, confused and in need of a break. Afterward, I sat in my car and cried. I was numb for days."

Aly Broke Up With Colton Over Facetime

Aly Raisman in a blue shirt with a ponytail outside
Alexandra Raisman/Instagram

Clearly, the breakup hit Colton pretty hard. So hard, that he even asked her friend and fellow Olympian Simone Biles for an explanation, but she didn't have one.

Of talking about Raisman in his book, Colton was sure to tread carefully, and never mentioned her while he was on any of The Bachelor franchise shows.

He told the Here For The Right Reasons podcast, “I think I came to the conclusion that I was OK to talk about it as long as it was from my point of view, and it was my story."

He Never Mentioned Her On 'The Bachelor'

Colton Underwood during the After the Final Rose live finale show
Colton Underwood/Instagram

He continued, I’m glad that ABC and Bachelor was OK with keeping her off limits during not only The Bachelorette and Paradise, but in my season as well, because you know, she’s such an incredible inspiration to so many people and she’s in many girls and many people’s opinions a hero and I can’t, you know, thank her and support her enough for what she’s doing right now for everyone out there and being the strong voice and leader that she is.”

Colton's book, The First Time: Finding Myself and Looking for Love on Reality TV is out now.

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