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Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar: A History Of Trouble

Gettyimages | Kris Connor
By danyellmarshall

Josh Duggar has a long history of bringing stress and disgrace to his family. As a young teen Duggar sexually assaulted several of his family members. When the news of the sexual assaults broke fans were shocked and the family's show 19 Kids And Counting was canceled. That wasn't the last time Josh would cause a lot of embarrassment. He's also been caught cheating and recently been involved in several lawsuits. His sister Jinger may be the rebellious one but Josh has a troubled past.

Real Estate Lawsuit

Josh Duggar with Allan and Lisa Robertson

Josh Duggar's most recent legal troubles surround a shady real estate deal the reality show star found himself embroiled in. Josh apparently purchased a piece of land that may belong to another resident of Arkansas. The man says he's been paying taxes on the land for years. Josh allegedly paid a mere $1000 for the contested piece of property. The man suing Duggar bought the piece of property from a cousin in the early 2000s and has paid property taxes on it ever since.

Dating Site Fraud

Josh and Anna Duggar kissing

Josh and Anna Duggar follow a strict, conservative Christian lifestyle. Marriage is a pillar of their belief system and fidelity is sacred. Not only was Josh caught with an Ashley Madison account but he also committed fraud on dating apps. Because of his fame and notoriety, Josh didn't feel comfortable using his own photos. He decided to use photos that belonged to another man. That man sued Josh but the case was dismissed on a technicality and may be reopened.

Car Lot Scandal

As many fans are aware, Jim Bob usually sets his sons up with jobs or businesses that he approves of. In Josh's case, his father set him up with a used car dealership. The car lot was featured on 19 Kids And Counting. Josh's car lot drew attention off-screen when it was shut down by local authorities. It seems the business may have been unlicensed and is under investigation. It's unclear to what extent Jim Bob was involved in this criminal enterprise.

Adult Film Star

Danica Dillon

Josh Duggar has been accused of sexual misbehavior and assault in the past. Adult entertainer Danica Dillon spoke out to add her voice to his accusers. She brought forth a lawsuit against Josh detailing an encounter with the reality star. She alleges that she and Josh Duggar exchanged messages and agreed to reader sex for money. The deal went south when Josh allegedly became rough with Danica. Josh produced some evidence that allegedly proved he was not in the area during the incident.

Sexual Abuse Case

Perhaps the most infamous incident of Josh Duggar causing pain and anguish is the sexual abuse scandal that ended his family's first reality show. While Josh was a younger teenager he touched several family members including some of his younger sisters and a cousin. His victims were usually asleep during these attacks and many didn't realize what was happening to them. Josh's sisters spoke out about their experiences. Jim Bob and Michelle faced a lot of backlash for the lax way they handled the incident.

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