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Selma Blair poses for a photo.

Selma Blair Shares Thoughts on Coronavirus Pandemic

Gettyimages | Craig Barritt
By Allie Elaine

On Miley Cyrus' most recent episode of Bright Minded: Live with Miley, Selma Blair shared her thoughts, as well as some tips, on how to best handle fears associated with the current coronavirus pandemic. Being that Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in October 2018, she has had an abundance of experience when it comes to navigating the world of health and wellness. During the episode, Blair first opened up about the perceived difficulties of social distancing, explaining that she has been self-isolating for months due to her MS.

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Miley Cyrus/Instagram

"I have been pretty much in isolation for two years because of my physical issues that make it harder to get out, harder to speak, all of these things," blair explained. "But even how we show our grace and being there for our loved ones, with keeping ourselves strong and also being vulnerable — which is a form of strength, to me, and has helped me, for other people to shoulder stuff when I’ve been nervous. So to be open, but also really take this opportunity to be the best you you can be, to help your days along."

Selma Blair/Instagram

Cyrus also took a moment to ask Blair for some advice on how best to react when receiving "medical news that can immediately feel terrifying". Blair responded with, "This moment is what we have, [even when] we hope for more."

The response was both heartfelt and brutally honest. She also added that those facing a scary diagnosis should, "be open, but also really take this opportunity to be the best you you can be, to help your days along." Blair then explained how this perspective shift has helped her during her medical journey.

"This is an incredible time for me, ’cause I’m home, and to have my son home and to be able to have people understand .. there’s just nothing that gets me mad for long anymore, and it hasn’t for a couple years," she stated.

Ever since receiving her MS diagnosis in 2018, Blair has been very vocal about her health experiences with fans and followers. Recently, Blair posted a photo on Instagram highlighting the importance of "invisible diseases" and their impact.

Selma Blair/Instagram

While wearing a shirt that said "Disabled Looks Like Me", Blair wrote, "I have a kind of disability that is not really understood. Those with MS can have such different physical and cognitive presentations. I am very comfortable in my sense of self. But people with invisible illnesses or even more easily recognizable challenges are often left feeling isolated or even disconnected from disabled community as well. There is a stigma against those who don’t exactly fit some label . The ms I have is very unusual. I only just found that out a couple months ago. So I am not the same as another with MS , as you are not the same as Taylor Swift just cause you may be blessed with long legs. We all stand out, or stand crooked or strong or alone."

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