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Will Nickelodeon Broadcast The NFL?

By Mario Perez

The NFL is entering a season that is set to be a bit of a crossroads for the league and the brand itself. The owners of the teams and the players association have come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement. That agreement is not only signed to make sure that each party gest a specific cut from the profit that the league makes.

The new agreement has actually expanded the number of games In the season and the number of teams entering the playoffs.

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New Rules

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Before we talk about where Nickelodeon fits into the puzzle we have to set the scene the right way to make sure that everything is going to make sense. A part of the agreement includes TV rights. Since the money that the league gets from TV networks is a big part of their revenue.

The new rules indicate that 14 teams are going to enter the NFL playoffs. That means that we are going to be getting one more playoff game than we would typically have.

Where Does Nickelodeon Come In?

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Nickelodeon is owned by Viacom and Viacom has merged with CBS. Therefore Nickelodeon would have the chance to broadcast a game that CBS has the rights to. That does not mean that grown men are going to have to tune in to Nickelodeon to watch the games.

The idea that is being thrown around is to hold a special broadcast for the extra wild card game that is going to be broadcast on CBS. The broadcast is meant to be a test to see if the NFL can get kids interested in their product.

What To Expect From The Broadcast?


At this point, this is just an idea that has been floated around by executives of CBS. At this point in time, the sad truth is that there is no way to be certain over whether or not we are going to be having a regular football season.

With that being said, there is no harm in throwing out ideas on what we would like the broadcast to look like. Maybe incorporating some animations with Nick's popular cartoon characters or appearances, by some of the characters on their live-action shows.

The Show Must Go On!

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The NFL is the only American sports league that has seemingly been "active" through these uncertain times. Since the league is not set to play any games for a couple of months it has not had to cancel any of the regular-season games.

The NFL draft is also an event hosted by the league that is going to be taking place. It is not going to be taking place in Las Vegas as it was originally set to do. It actually will take on a more vintage style across the board. With phones and facetime chats being a major part of the broadcast. Yet, the show is still set to go on from Thursday, April 23rd through Saturday, April 25th!

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