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Kate Middleton in black tights and a purple dress

Kate Middleton: Unsung Fashion Rebel

By danyellmarshall

Fans of the royal family are undoubtedly familiar with the rules of royal fashion. Modesty must be carefully balanced with style at all times. Kate Middleton is a fashion icon who bridges the gap between British royal rules and modern style. While Meghan Markle may have received the brunt of the media scrutiny over her fashion rebellion Kate is no stranger to bending and breaking the rules. Kate gracefully brings royal fashion into the modern age with her effortless style.

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Bright Polish

Kate Middleton wearing red toenail polish

Perhaps one of the best-known rules of British royal fashion is the limitation on nail polish colors. Royal nails are expected to be clean, well kept and shaped at all times and only painted in natural and neutral colors. Kate has been breaking this rule since day one. Her toes are frequently painted in bright red polish, even when the duchess is in open-toe shoes. She's not afraid to show off her awesome pedicure. Kate's toes are a break from tradition.

Leggings Are Pants

Kate Middleton pushing a pram

Any mom will tell you that comfort is everything. Leggings have become the standard replacement for pants. For many, this look is the last thing you'd think of as royal fashion. Kate Middleton isn't on the clock all the time. When she's free to be herself she's been known to adopt a very casual look complete with stretchy bottoms. Kate has even donned athletic wear for sporting occasions. Kate is every bit as elegant in yoga pants as she is in a gown.


Kate Middleton wearing wedge heels

When it comes to footwear it's widely believed that the queen has set a standard based on her personal taste. Rumor has it her majesty doesn't care for wedge heels and prefers that royal women not wear them. Kate seems to disregard this guideline. She's been seen wearing wedges on multiple occasions. Wedges are a great and comfortable alternative to traditional heels. They make perfect sense for a busy and active mom like Kate. Wedges are worth bending the rules for.

High Hemlines

Kate Middleton with Camilla and Prince Charles

Modesty is one of the key tenants of the royal fashion rules. Along with this emphasis on appropriateness, there is also the tendency to adhere to tradition. This means that most royal women stick to hemlines below the knee. Kate has never been shy to show off a bit of leg and is frequently spotted in styles above the knee. While her choices always remain respectful, Kate loves to push the envelope. A true mini skirt probably isn't in her future.

Bare Shoulders

Kate Middleton in a bareshoulder dress

Kate is in good company when it comes to breaking this rule of modesty. Queen Elizabeth herself was once known to break this rule with her breathtaking ballgowns that showed off her stately shoulders. Kate doesn't shy away from showing a little shoulder and displaying her dainty collarbones. Shoulderless looks are far from modest but can also be imminently appropriate. Kate is a show stopper in whatever she wears. She makes even the most contrived look seem effortless and elegant.

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