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Did Cardi B. Catch An Insta Model In Offsets DM's ?

Cardi B./ Instagram
By kenadijiba

Last week it was Coronavirus controversies at the top of the list, and now it’s all about cheating scandals. For Cardi B. it is hard to take that much needed time away from the social media sphere. Seeing as this is how the mega star became famous, it makes sense as to why she feels most comfortable on Instagram live. But, there comes a point where someone has to realize the detriment these state of the art apps, are causing them. From publicly made threats, to obnoxious behaviour, Cardi should permanently disable all her accounts.

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Too Much Information

Cardi B./ Instagram

Why it's become normalized for people to share their most private of issues on the interwebs is beyond the average Joe’s comprehension. Can we all just collectively agree on the fact that we should return to a more reserved way of life. We all shouldnt be privy to gossip that has absolutely nothing to do with us. Why do people care if Offset has cheated on, or is currently cheating on Cardi B. Are they paying your rent? Is Cardi your second cousin?

Instagram Live


The thing is it's not as if people are begging to know this information. Cardi B. is displaying all her problems for the world to judge. Then when her critics come out and “shade” her, she has an adverse reaction. Word to the wise, if you don't want the opinions of thousands flying your way concerning the not so healthy relationship between you, and a man who’s unabashedly disrespected you, and had alleged affairs, don't highlight your dirty laundry. It’s really come to an uncomfortable point for even those who are die hard fans of Cardi.

Down In The DM

Gettyimages | Paras Griffin

Last week Cardi turned on her Instagram live, and had Offset to the side of her. The whole purpose of this video was to call out an Instagram model who was allegedly trying to “hit on” Offset. Now, just because someone has slid into your DM’s does not mean they desire to have sexual relations with you. For example, When your best friend screenshots a selfie of an attractive man, and DM’s that to you, is she trying to hit on you? Come on man.

Low Self Esteem?

Gettyimages | Prince Williams

Clearly Cardi is struggling with a lack of self esteem, and a boatload of trust issues. If you’ve decided to stay with your husband despite his shortcomings, then you have to actually do the work to move past them. When you don't do that work, this is what ends up happening. Honestly, who feels redeemed after calling out some other woman for DMing their husband, especially when the DM in question was innocent. This message that caused an entire debacle was merely concerning Offsets photo with his son. The model was simply stating how adorable he was, but Cardi spun this harmless comment, as something more.

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