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Did Transgender YouTuber 'Nikki Tutorials' Call Out Ellen DeGeneres?

Nikki Tutorials/ Instagram
By kenadijiba

This Coronavirus has unlocked pandora's box in terms of people putting into question the integrity of America’s most beloved celebrities. At this point until quarantine is officially over, nobody is safe. One major star who’s been called out recently due to allegedly not being the “nicest” is Ellen Degeneres. Now, just breaking down that criticism seems like an anomaly. Ellen and not being nice in the same sentence, obviously this has to be some type of error. Maybe someone bumped into her on a bad day?

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Ellen's Attitude

Nikki Tutorials/ Instagram

Although Ellen’s brand is that of positivity and cleanliness, it's slightly unfair to assert that she must maintain that image in all facets of daily life. At the end of the day no matter how charming this woman is, she’s not a superhero. She has had traumatic experiences, and deals with real issues when she goes home. So, if she doesn't give off that southern bell hospitality to each person she meets, should she be burnt at the stake? That seems a tad excessive.

A Facade

Giphy | VH1

That's where being a celebrity becomes quite unattractive. As a person with a high level of fame, and even those at the bottom of the food chain, there's this foreign pressure to uphold an idea. A creation forged by one's own creativity. When in reality most of these people we see on television aren't what they allude to be. They put on a mask, but in all honesty don't we all. For example, everyone is kind of an unofficial actor. Say your good friend Alana asks if her makeup looks good before going out on a date with Richie from work, are you going to tell her straight up, no?

Ice Cold Queen

Gettyimages | LuckyBusiness

Aside from the rumors spinning around town concerning Ellen’s at times ice cold attitude. This youtube star seconded what's been alleged about the bonafide talk show host. When Nikki Tutorials dropped her video that went into detail about her being transgender, the world paused. People were genuinely shocked by this admission, and rallied behind her in solidarity. Obviously for any publication Nikki became a hot commodity. Everyone wanted the chance to interview this socialite, and Ellen won the coveted jackpot.


Gettyimages | Brooks Kraft

Once Nikki made her debut on the show, fans weren't too elated. Naturally there was a resounding happiness for her since her story would be relayed to millions through national television. But some felt she was just asked to be on the show due to how viral her story was. When Nikki left and then did another interview on another show outside of the country, she spoke on how “unkind” Ellen was. There wasn't necessarily bad blood, but Nikki felt some type of way about Ellen not shaking her hand once the interview was done.

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