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How Dua Lipa's New Album Revived Her Image

Dua Lipa/ Instagram
By kenadijiba

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when someone listens and digests constructive criticism. Dua Lipa didn't allow her ego to control the trajectory of her career. With major success right out of the gate with the anthem “New Rules” and winning a Grammy, Dua could’ve said hasta la vista to those who came after her for the lack of stage presence, and originality in her music. Thankfully she took what people were saying, and totally revived her image like a boss.

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Pop Princess

Dua Lipa/ Instagram

That level of self awareness at such a young and impressionable age is admirable. For a lot of “legends” in the music industry who are now in their late 30’s theres this need to be right, even if their career ends up suffering. Changing up the scenery and the sound to one’s style is what's going to keep their fanbase alert, and wanting more. Not only did Dua Lipa do this successfully, she’s also becoming pop's new crowned princess, so Ariana better watch out.

Future Nostalgia

Giphy | AMAs

“Future Nostalgia” was considered a hit album as soon as it hit the airwaves. Some musicians might feel as if releasing new songs during this Coronavirus pandemic could be a bad idea, but it's actually a fantastic one. With so many people inside their homes and bored out of their minds, music is always the greatest distraction. It's an escape and takes all of us out of our at times overwhelming realities. Just look at some of the albums that have dropped so far.

Released Albums

Gettyimages | NBC

Harry Styles released his sophomore album “Fine Line” to incredible reviews, The Weeknd let “After Hours” out of the booth, and people are loving it, and now Dua Lipa has done her thing with her own classic CD. Who’s next? Rihanna teased us with a collaboration with PartyNextDoor that was nice, but not enough. RiRi we one hundred percent need an entire, well thought out, and “extra af” project doused with bangers. Hopefully by Summer we will all be able to enjoy the hell out of this music without social distancing bumming us out.

New Tour

Gettyimages | Hello World

Will Dua Lipa be conducting a new tour once Coronavirus calms down? Although her stage presence has come into question time and again, live music is still worth it. Not everyone can be Beyonce, and it's important that everyone recognizes that. We call all equally chill to some whisper centric songs by Selena Gomez, and bask in belting to Queen Adele. There's no hierarchy here in music, and everyone contributes their very own spice to this industry. Anyways, what would we do without that type of diversity.

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