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Chris Cuomo Officially Has Been Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Chris Cuomo/Instagram
By kenadijiba

It seems like with each day there's a new person in the public eye who has contracted this virus. With the prime minister of England getting it, to Prince Charles, and a plethora of other huge figures, it's confusing as to how they are not privy to protecting themselves. Common sense would say that if someone has amassed a decent sized trove of money, is well versed in ways they can get Coronavirus, and can afford to be completely isolated, how are they consistently being diagnosed?

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Andrew Cuomo's Response

Chris Cuomo/Instagram

Like Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York and brother to Chris Cuomo said when addressing the fact that his sibling now has Coronavirus, this definitely is the great equalizer. Interestingly enough Andrew didn't appear to be afraid for Chris, and even teased him a little over how strong he thinks he is. He also said that Chris will be quarantined in his basement, and will try to continue filming his show in a self isolated manner, similar to how Jimmy Kimmel, and “The View” co hosts are doing their respective productions.

Protect Our Faves


Right now everyone better pray for their favs, because we are all at the mercy of this virus. Some of us are definitely better equipped to beat it, but we all need to recognize the severity of what we are collectively dealing with. This isn't a situation that's going to dissolve by next week, or even two weeks from now. The virus really has control over the U.S. timeline for breaking off social distancing guidelines, and until it calms down, this is our new normal.


Unsplash | Carlos Muza

Hopefully “The United States” will hit the peak of cases fairly soon, and afterwards the amount of cases coming in will be few and far between. Then when that time arises, we as a country will have to deal with the anticipated second coming of Corona. The respected and level headed Dr. Fauci has said multiple times on various forums that the probability of this virus hitting a second time in fall is high, and so we definitely have to be proactive about separating ourselves.

When Everything Is Over

Gettyimages | Dean Mitchell

How the world will be after this is all said and done, is up for debate. With the economy hitting recession and the election coming up, there's not going to be a shortage of controversy and struggle. People will have to rebuild from ground zero, and deal with having to find new jobs, not to mention returning to school? Will administrators feel comfortable enough allowing thousands of kids back to university, especially in such close quarters? It’s bound to be a stressful moment in our nation's history.

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