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Lindsay Lohan Is Back! What Does This Mean Exactly?

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By Mario Perez

Fans of Lindsay Lohan probably woke up to a bit of surprise from the actress. As she deleted all of the posts on her Instagram page. Only leaving a video that was basically a mix of images and sound bites from news stories that she has been featured over the years.

At the end of the video, Lindsay's voice can be heard stating, "I am back". Of course, this has led to a lot of speculation and theories on what she is trying to pull off. We are going to explore some of these theories.

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Reviving Her Music Career


All of the reports that have surfaced indicate that the video is somehow a teaser for Lindsay Lohan's new music. Lohan had been teasing a new album for some time now. There have actually been parts of the first song released as teasers by radio stations across the world. The reports that were coming in about this new album late last year indicated that she was set to release it in late February.

That is pretty much why people are speculating that the creepy video is a way to announce that she is back to singing.

Lohan's Music Career

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If you are one of those people that remember Lohan more from films and of course, her ongoing presence in the tabloids, but not so much for her music you are not alone. To be quite honest in her career as a musician Lohan never really achieved much success.

In spite of what people may think of her because of what has transpired in her personal life, it safe to say that her film career does have decent success stories. In music, the best she has done stateside is 57 on the Billboard top 100 with Confessions of a Broken Heart.

What She Has Been Up To

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It safe to say that Lohan has not been sitting still. Sadly, many of the projects and financial ventures that she has participated in have not had great success. She actually invested in a beach resort in Greece that was a major reason why she got a show on MTV called, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. The series has since been canceled and the club actually closed down.

She was in a movie last year that also had a tough time getting off the ground. The movie titles Among the Shadows did not get a theatrical release.

Family Life

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One of the bright spots in Lindsay's life at this point is actually her family life. Although, she has since lost contact with her father. Who was at one time heavily blamed for the troubled childhood that he had put Lindsay through.

She actually currently manages her sister Ali's career. Sadly, Ali's career is also not exactly thriving at the moment. Yet, it seems that the relationship between the sisters and their mother remains strong. Who knows, maybe this could be a big bounce-back year for Lindsay.

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