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Robyn and Kody Brown's Home Dispute May Have Ended on 'Sister Wives'

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By A. Elise

Season 14 of TLC's Sister Wives has been highly focused on the wives moving their belongings around Flagstaff, Arizona. Those who watch the show have noticed that every episode this season has been heavily focused on real estate, and the latest episode titled The Heat Is On was no exception.

Kody Brown and fourth wife Robyn have been in a constant argument over their current rental situation. While Robyn is adamant about renting a home, Kody is persistent that they should buy. This week, it looks like one of them won the battle.

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As the family was forced to move out of their rental home, Robyn found a home near Sedona that she wanted to move to. The home was about 30 minutes away from Flagstaff, meaning that Kody would be forced to drive significantly further to see his family.

Kody refused to allow Robyn to move their five children out of the city. Ultimately, this makes sense because Kody has three other wives and many other children to think about. Additionally, Robyn's son Dayton attends school in Flagstaff, and she was concerned that her teenage children would have to switch schools.

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Ultimately, the situation that Robyn and Kody worked out is much more complicated than viewers expected. Robyn's family needed to move out of her home, so she and Kody made an offer on a home. The home was currently furnished and used as a vacation rental, so they decided to move into the home and pay short-term rental prices in the meanwhile. Robyn continues to look at rentals while they wait.

In the episode, Kody says, "We have made an arrangement with the owners of the home we're buying to short-term rent it until we close." He implies that they could close in a matter of days.

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Robyn was extremely unhappy about the situation, but she admitted that they were running out of options. She also discussed the fact that her children had been moving frequently in the last few years.

Those who follow the Brown family were able to confirm that the family bought this home months ago, which means many people watching on Sunday night were not surprised by the news. In the episode, Robyn explains that she does not understand God's reasoning about the outcome of the situation, but she now owns a home worth nearly $900,000.

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Those who follow the show have mixed opinions about the choice to buy the home. Some have criticized Robyn's "need" for six bedrooms and the fact that at least two of the wives live in homes much larger than necessary while complaining about money issues.

Then, there are a lot of people who simply want TLC to scrap the real estate storylines. With Robyn and Kody settled into their home, some have hopes that the moving stories will come to an end.

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