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NeNe Leake's Says that She Did Not Spit on Kenya Moore Despite the Footage

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By Imani Ford

This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta has been full of drama. There have been proposals almost ruined, cheating scandals, and divorces. What hasn’t happened this season is a fight. No, I’m not talking about arguments, because Real Housewives has at least one of those per episode. I’m talking about an altercation that got close to being physical. Kenya and Nene have had a long-standing feud and lots of fans can’t even remember why. Their issues started years ago and have only gotten worse over the years.

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Their Marriage Was Strained

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One of the biggest storylines this season is Kenya’s marriage and separation from Marc Daly. Kenya wasn’t on the show last season because her husband didn’t want to be on the show, and she obliged to that. When she finally came back for season 12, things didn’t look so good for her and Marc. He was always talking to her rudely and being overly dominated. On top of that, the couple was long distance which put a strain on their marriage.

Nene Tried to Take the High Road

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After the news hit that Kenya and Marc were getting a divorce, most girls reached out to Kenya, but Nene didn’t. Even Tanya, who was done dirty by Kenya reached out to her. During their most recent trip to Greece, most people attempted to shy away from talking about her divorce. Cynthia thought it was a good idea to ask Nene to talk to Kenya and let her know that she understands what she’s going through. Nene took the high road and put their differences aside.

Did Nene Spit on Kenya?

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When Nene tried to give her an olive branch, Kenya wasn't receptive to it. This incident made their feud boil over. A crazy screaming match ensued and Kenya even through food at Nene. What made the situation crazier is that it appears that Nene attempted to spit on Kenya. Even though it looks like she did try to spit on Kenya, castmates and Nene says otherwise. Nene recently sat down with Andy Cohan and discussed what happened during their argument.

Nene Had a Lot to Say on Twitter

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On Watch What Happens Live, Nene said that she didn’t spit on anyone. A few days before she went on the show, she tweeted this. “She needs 2 be spit on with all the horrible things she has said & done! From constantly startin s—t wit me all season, lying on me, sayin I’m on drugs & bipolar. Plus that recent tweet she posted so enjoy the moment! I DID the act but DIDN’T SPIT! I Wish I had tho! No regrets.” I guess their beef isn’t going to end any time soon.

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