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Kobe Bryant's Legacy Lives On Through His Books

By Mario Perez

It has been a bit over 2 months since NBA legend Kobe Bryant passed away in the tragedy that most people know all too well at this point. Even though it may seem hard to move on, especially with how things are in the world these days, Kobe's endeavors and passions have seemingly done just that.

The Wizenard books are meant to be a series of children's books that have a mix of fantasy and actual real-life struggles. The story has a touch of motivation and magic.

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Kobe's Feelings On The Project


As with anything that Kobe did he really devoted a lot of time and passion into these books. The first book in the series Wizenard:Training Camp was released last year and Kobe got a chance to talk about the book, and how he felt about creating stories at the time he mentioned,

"in sports, the magic is inherently there—good and bad. If I'm feeling great, if I feel like: I can't miss! That basket looks massive! But then conversely, if I'm feeling bad, the basket looks like it's the size of a keyhole. I can’t make anything. That's emotional magic. So I wanted to take emotion and use that as magic in our world to teach these very complicated methods to our children in an entertaining way."

How Was The Book Completed?

Unsplash | Jan Kahánek

Of course, a lot of people seemingly want to know how the book was completed without Kobe. Basically the book series was not being penned by Kobe directly. It can be said that he was overseeing the book and the book series, in general, was his original idea.

Yet, that idea was being "executed" by Wesley King. Who, is in actuality the author of the book. That is the reason why this was one of the projects that was able to continue on without Kobe.

How We Found Out

Vanessa Bryant/ Instagram

The release of the new Wizenard book was promoted by Vanessa Bryant through her social media pages. As she announced the release of the book she wrote, "Welcome back to Dren! We hope you are all ready to catch up with the West Bottom Badgers for another magical basketball season."

Of course, the post got a lot of love on Instagram. With, Chris Bosh's wife commenting that Chris has been enjoying the books that were being produced by Kobe. Other celebrities also showed some love through encouraging words or even just emojis!

How Are The Bryant Girls Doing?

Vanessa Bryant/ Instagram

It certainly has not been a smooth start of the year for anyone. Things have been especially rough for the Bryant family for obvious reasons. Through social media and reports from people close to the family, we have been able to get a little glimpse of how they have been holding up.

As was mentioned before, it has obviously been tough. Yet, it seems as though Vanessa has really stepped into that matriarch role with grace and has been able to will through these rough times.

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