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Future Helps Hospital Workers Put The Mask On With Donation

Instagram | Future
By Desmund Ullrich

The rapper behind the 2017 hit 'Mask Off', Future, is partnering with a sewing organization Atlanta Sewing Style, to provide face masks to hospital workers and patients in a campaign that was titled 'Mask On'. The FreeWishes Foundation, founded by Future, his sister, and his mother, announced the partnership and the campaign this week, calling the need for medical equipment during the 'critical' coronavirus pandemic.

'As most people adapt to the new normal of staying quarantined to protect themselves from the coronavirus, healthcare professionals do not have this privilege,' the foundation said in a statement for the press.

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Buying Panic Has Caused Mask Shortages

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'In addition, they do not even have enough supplies to protect themselves from contracting the coronavirus,' the statement continued.

Hysteria over the spread of the novel coronavirus has led to medical mask shortages across the nation as well as the world, as many people stocked up on 'Personal Protective Equipment' in a panic. The boom led to higher prices and made them more difficult to obtain for health care workers. The face masks shortage made people around the country sew them to help those in need.

Future's Foundation Promises To Serve Year-Round

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Hospitals, many of which are facing a dire shortage, welcomed these efforts. Atlanta Sewing Style, an organization that is based in Future's hometown, has organized a team of 500 to sew and deliver the masks according to the statement. It was not specified how many masks they would be producing.

The statement of the FreeWishes Foundation said that it was important they serve the community. Tia-Wilburn Anderson, Future's sister and co-founder of the foundation, said, 'It is important to my brother, Future, and I that we are of service to our community, especially during this pandemic and throughout the year.'

Face Masks Are The Hot Donation Item

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Future, his foundation, and the members of Atlanta Sewing Style are not the only ones to help those in need during the ongoing pandemic. Volunteers across the country have helped provide health care workers with needed face masks. Earlier this month, national retailer Joann Fabrics and Craft Stores released a video tutorial on how to make face masks. The retailer encouraged people to drop off them at store locations, to be donated to local hospitals. Other local sewing groups have also pitched in. Other celebrities are helping, too.

Coronavirus Relief Donations Are Increasing Nationwide

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Fashion designers Christian Siriano, Brandon Maxwell, and Michael Costello are also making and donating masks to those who are in need them. Rihanna, Drew Brees,  Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian are among the celebrities who have recently contributed to the COVID-19 Relief Fund. Los Angeles Clippers owner, Steve Bellmer and his wife, Connie donated $25 million to the relief fund.

Non-celebrities are also finding ways to get involved. In Southern California, a group of salons has collected about 75,000 paper masks and 280,000 gloves, supplies they usually use to protect against powders and polishes, in an initiative, they’re calling "Nailing It."

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