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Olivia Wilde looks like an Angel in a furry red outfit and her make-up is amazing.

Olivia Wilde Throws Intense Shade At Vanessa Hudgens Regarding Coronavirus Opinions

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During this COVID-19 tragic event, a lot of people are uncomfortable and feeling very sensitive. As the pandemic is evading the entire world, every government has been instructed to everyone who is healthy to play their parts in staying safe and taking preventive measures against the virus. There are a lot of celebrities who have tested positive to this virus and many others are speaking to their fans about how important it is to stay in their homes and avoid contact with people who have contacted the virus.

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Olivia Wilde is all bling in this shiny golden outfit at an event and she looks gorgeous.
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While some celebrities have insisted that their fans adhere to instructions, some have found themselves at the receiving end of a backlash after making insensitive comments or giving opinions about the pandemic. Recently, Olivia Wilde did not leave any stone unturned when she came for Vanessa Hudgens who expressed her views on the coronavirus pandemic.

Be careful guys, it’s about to get really hot!

The “High School Musical” actress recently to her Instagram Live to share her views on how the world is reacting to the pandemic and her fans were furious with her.

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How it all went down!

While quarantining, Hudgens went on her Instagram Live for a make-up tutorial for her lovely fans. However, as the tutorial progressed, a fan asked the actress to drop a few comments on the ongoing pandemic and the decisions people have made to isolate themselves. This is where is all got weird.

In response to the question, Hudgens acted like she was not bothered about the virus and her statement went this;

“I’m sorry, but like, it’s a virus, I get it, like I respect it, but at the same time I’m like, even if everybody gets it, like yeah, people are going to die, which is terrible h it like, inevitable.” She said.

Vanessa Hudgens looks incredible in this red dress at the premiere of one of the movies she starred in.
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Immediately she dropped her opinion, many of her fans trolled her by tagging her insensitive towards the ongoing pandemic. Many of her fans cited the fact that there are a lot of health care workers who are risking their lives everyday by treating people who have contacted the virus and all she had to say about it was “it’s inevitable.”

Hudgens may not have expected the kind of response she received from her fans, and she surely did not expect what followed.

Aside from her fans, Hudgens also received backlash from another actress known as Olivia Wilde.


Although Hudgens apologized for her insensitive insensitive remark, that did not come after Wilde aired out a piece of her mind.

On a repost of Hudgens’ video, Wilde commented saying;

“In a thousand years they’ll dig up our society and find this precious digital moment and be like ‘mmmm oh okay this is why they mysteriously disappeared from the EARTH.” Wilde said. Also, she accompanied her text with an emoji that showed she was shaking her head.

Other stars like Rumer Willis, Candace Cameron Bure and Lisa Rinna also showed that they were displeased with Hudgens’ video.

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