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We Finally See Drake's Son As Baby Mama Speaks Out

Instagram | Sophie Brussaux
By Desmund Ullrich

In October 2017, Drake and Sophie Brussaux’s son was quietly born and the child has been kept away from the spotlight ever since. But on March 30, Drake gave the world its very first glimpse of the child. Following his lead, Brussaux made her own post about Adonis that included an even sweeter set of photos. Brussaux posted pictures of herself with Adonis to her Instagram account. One photo shows the two laughing together as they cuddle and another shows Adonis beaming at the camera with his bushy blond hair and big blue eyes front and center.

Adonis’ Mom Points Out The Obvious

Instagram | Sophie Brussaux

There are even a few of photos with Drake, including one of the couple celebrating Adonis’ 2nd birthday back in October 2019. The post ended with a joke about Adonis’ bushy and blond hair, which is something that neither she or Drake has. It included a photoshopped picture of her and Drake with bright hair along with the words, originally in French, that read, 'Adonis’s parents are really blonde.' In the caption, Brussaux thanked God for her 'wonderful family and my friends' and wished her followers 'so much happiness and love' in such a 'difficult' time, seemingly referring to the coronavirus pandemic.

Drake Was Called A Dead Beat Dad

Gettyimages | Isaiah Trickey

While Brussaux has been created as a retired pornstar, her videos are rare to find and did not Drake's pursuit. She and the 'Hold On, We're Going Home' rapper were first spotted together having dinner with friends in January 2017, around the time he was linked with J-Lo, when his Boy Meets World Tour was in Amsterdam. Adonis arrived nine months later, but the couple claims they were only intimate a couple of times. As rumors of a secret child spread, Drake tried his best to keep the news about his fatherhood away from public sight. However, in May 2018 his rap rival Pusha T called him out as a dead beat dad in his song 'The Story of Adidon' with the lyrics, 'Adonis is your son, and he deserves more than an Adidas press run.'

Drake Explains His Secretive Nature

Instagram | Drake

Drake responded on his 2018 track 'Emotionless' by saying “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid.”

Drake, who is practicing social distancing amid the pandemic, wrote that he missed his son and shared a few photos with him to his Instagram account. One shows the singer hugging his son while in others Adonis is pictured playing around and posing for the camera. Drake ended the post by telling his fans to stay strong amid the outbreak, which already has more than 600,000 cases worldwide.

Drake Is Exposed To COVID-19

Gettyimages | Vaughn Ridley

It has heavily affected Europe, where Adonis and Brussaux live, which means that it could be a while before Drake can see his son.

The 'Passionfruit' singer himself had his own coronavirus scare after playing some indoor basketball with positively tested Kevin Durant. Drake was also open about this life event after sharing an intimate moment after being tested with his father.

Durant who was already recovering from an injury has now completed his two-week quarantine. Four other Brooklyn Nets players also tested positive for the coronavirus.

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