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Emma Watson Opens Up About Building Relationships Consent, Praises 'Kink' Community

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By Zachary Holt

Emma Watson is speaking out on her opinions regarding the traditional template for relationships and what she believes can produce the strongest foundation within them. The former 'Harry Potter' star recently sat down with Teen Vogue for an interview where she explained that she thought the notion of relationships being easy was 'bulls--t', while also offering praise to the LGBTQ+ and 'kink' communities for their ability to communicate effectively between themselves, as well as, understanding how to properly consent to activities. Watson also explained how traditional relationship dynamics can strain growth.

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Watson Does Not Believe Strong Relationships Are Inherently Easy

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"The idea that relationships are supposed to be easy and it’s all supposed to be implicitly understood, and you’re just meant to get each other, it’s bulls—! It’s impossible," Watson explained when asked whether she believed strong relationships are 'effortless'.

The Little Women star also articulated on how non-traditional relationships tended to be stronger because the individuals involved were forced to communicate more often due to not falling within the preconceived parameters of a relationship. "I feel that relationships that don’t necessarily follow traditional models do require more communication and consent," she said in the interview.

The Actress Praises the LGBTQ+ Community For Their Communication

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"It requires an actual conversation and agreement about the delegation of tasks and labor and responsibilities that maybe you don’t feel that you need to have or should have if you follow those traditional stereotypes," Watson continued.

She then went on to point out that some of the strongest relationships she's personally seen have been found in the LGBTQ+ community as 'they have to sit down and agree [on] things'. "They agree [on] things between them as opposed to [accepting] certain sets of assumptions and expectations that are made," Watson explained.

'They Know All About Consent. They Understand That Stuff Because They Really Have to Get It...'

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Even more surprisingly, Watson went on to praise 'kink' culture that oftentimes requires multi-levels of consent, including things like 'safe words'. While surprising, it does make sense, at least from a theoretical standpoint. "I’ve also kind of become slightly fascinated by kink culture because they are the best communicators ever," the actress said.

"They know all about consent. They [understand] that stuff because they really have to get it — but we could all use those models; they’re actually really helpful models." Towards the end of the interview, Watson expounded on the term she used back in November for relationships.

Watson Explains Her Coined Word 'Self-Partnered' Which Made Headlines

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In November of 2019, Watson ushered in the word 'self-partnered' which garnered many headlines, including in British Vogue. The actress explained that it was simply a way of rewording what it means to be single, which she felt the need to do.

"For me it wasn’t so much about coining a word; it was more that I needed to create a definition for something that I didn’t feel there was language for," she said. "And it was really interesting because it really riled some people up."

"It was less for me about the word but more about what it meant — just this idea that we need to reclaim language and space in order to express ourselves because sometimes it’s really not there."

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