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Kenya Moore and Tanya Sam filming a scene for RHOA

'RHOA' Tanya Sam Finally Throws Much Needed Shade At Kenya Moore

Gettyimages | Prince Williams
By Kay Lewis

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has been an entertaining mess this season. The cast is great and even the “friend” of the show has been pretty entertaining. Tanya Sam is the Canadian native who is almost a housewife thanks to fiancé Paul Judge, unfortunately, for Sam, one of her co-stars is so bitter in her own life that she has pulled a few shady stunts on Sam. Kenya Moore went on the attack with Sam after the women returned from a fun trip to Toronto, Canada for Caribana.

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The cast of RHOA filming a scene
Gettyimages | Prince Williams

Moore had asked Sam to bring a package back from the hotel that she had forgotten. Sam, being a smart cookie, opened the package because who takes a sealed package from a random and transports it across customs without looking at it? It turns out the package contained a wig, something that Moore claims she never wears because her natural hair is so long, beautiful, and healthy. This obviously caused a stir with the women, but Moore was more fuming than Sam thought she would be.

Kenya Moore on beach with daughter Brooklyn Daly

Ever since this incident, Moore has been treating Sam like she is toxic when she is probably the least problematic friend of the show they have ever had. One of the crazier revenge incidents from Moore was when she went to a lunch date with Sam and two other cast members she ambushed Sam by bringing in a woman who owns a cookie shop who claims that Sam’s fiancé hit on her on more than one occasion. The woman has now been dubbed the “cookie lady”.

Tanya Sam boarding private jet

Believe it or not, this is not the worst problem Moore has had on the show she has gone toe to toe with many, if not all her co-stars at this point. She doesn’t want anyone bringing up aspects of her personal life, but she has no problem trampling over others. The irony is not lost on fans or Sam. The “Real Housewives Tea” twitter page sent out a Tweet that got everyone thinking. “Kenya: my mom, my husband, and my child are off-limits, uhh, didn’t you bring the cookie lady around to attack Tanya’s husband?”

Tanya Sam and Paul Judge photo shoot

Moore didn’t respond but Sam threw her two cents into the mix. Not only did she retweet the statement, but she responded with a spot-on fact. “The definition of a hypocrite,” said Sam who had the support of many followers. One fan called out Moore for making rules that she refuses to follow herself while another accused her of being able to dish it but not take it. we are only about halfway through the season and it is already a hot mess with so many more fights to watch.

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