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Amazon Delivery Guy Spits On Hand Mid Delivery

Unsplash | Christian Wiediger
By Nora Pattugalan

Temporarily in a sensitive situation, people in the United State are becoming more aware of how hygiene is being treated. While a national alert for staying at home is in order, thousands of people have become diligent with washing their hands and knowing when and how to stay clean.

During this time, several people have resulted to making online orders. Amazon is one of the largest, and most dependendable online ordering services today. Recently, headlines have pointed out a choice that one of one of Amazon's delivery drivers made.

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Gettyimages | Jorge Villalba

Located in Los Angeles, CA, while making a stop on March 27th, the delivery man in question can clearly be seen on a customer's Ring doorbell camera. The man's face has been covered by local news to protect his identity, but the revolting actions can be seen as clear as day.

In that, the Amazon delivery person is seen spitting on his hand, smearing that hand on the package, logging the delivery, and leaving the premises. After reviewing the incident and reporting to local media, the owner of the home and package expressed his concern.

Gettyimages | Andrei Stanescu

The company has taken action and is investigating on the matter. Following the statement, it had been revealed that the driver is no longer in the positiion to deliver. Moments like this not only deters people from having packages delivered to their front door, but it also poses a health and safety threat to the public.

The Amazon customer was given gift card to compensate for the incidnet. He expressed that the driver could at least test for COVID-19 because of the massive spread of the virus. The company is intent on holding their now untrusted employee accountable for his unruly actions.

Unsplash | Kon Karampelas

As it bounced across the internet, the surveillance video has received numerous commentary on news platforms and social media websites. The topic of COVID-19 has become more serious than ever, being on the minds of people everywhere. Comments all across Twitter expressed immediate public concern in regards to the video.

What the man did was completely uncalled for. While several cases regarding delivery persons are spread on the news daily, this recent one is a new low for Amazon. Shared by thousands of people, "Amazon delivery guy who spits" is a phrase that won't be forgotten in the meantime.

Gettyimages | Kit L.

People have taken the discussion on Twitter. Reacting with disgust, conversations pointed anything from having food delivered by people who could potentially spread germs, other news reports of people coughing and sneezing amidst the pandemic, and more.

As people are working hour by hour to get by, there are those who do unthinkable things. It is only a matter of time before they are caught. Today is considered a crisis, but no unlawful action goes unpunished. Amazon will proceed with caution, with other employees.

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