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Matthew McConaughey Declares War On Coronavirus

Gettyimages | Tim Warner
By Rima Pundir

The celebrities are coming forth, even if the politicians and administration aren't, to keep warning the public to take the Coronavirus pandemic seriously. Till now, it has killed more than 35,000 people in the world, with many of them in Europe. The numbers of cases and deaths in the US are increasing by big numbers, so if we do not choose to make a stand and stay at home, things may just be too late for us to act upon. This is what Matthew McConaughey has to say...

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Happy To Be At Home With Family

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Matthew McConaughey is taking a break from the world, and self-isolating in Texas with his beautiful wife Camilla Alves, and their three adorable kids. And he believes this is the only way to do things right in times of this pandemic that has people dying, and with the vaccine so far off. In many countries, complete lockdowns have been announced with citizens paying heavy fines if found venturing outside without reason. Sadly, in the US for now, things haven't quite been this strict.

McConaughey Says Self-Isolation Is Our Strongest Offence

Matthew McConaughey / Instagram

According to Fox News, McConaughey does not believe that self-isolation is a defense. He told Associated Press on Monday, “It seemed like we need to let the message out that staying home is more than a good idea, that it’s actually what we need to do — what's necessary to win. That’s why we started it off with saying, let’s look at this as it is a war that we’re in, instead of just saying, ‘Hey, is it a good defense to go stay at home?’ No, actually, it’s our greatest offense right now.”

He Also Thinks This May Make The World Closer

Matthew McConaughey is a great believer in humanity and feels that in these times of tough, things will only emerge better at the end. While he encouraged fans to practice social-distancing, he also said, "You see humanity acting and it’s at its best in a lot of ways. You see people helping out the least vulnerable in ways that maybe they weren’t before. You see a lot of more compassion.” So in times of need, its humanity that rises, even if humans have to stay far from each other.

McConaughey Has A Simple Message: Stay Home

McConaughey uploaded a video on Instagram, with his voiceover in the background, saying: "We are at war with a virus, and health-care troops and first responders are on the front line fighting it every day. Let's join the fight by staying home. Staying home is not a retreat, it's the bravest and aggressive weapon we have against this enemy. When we do stay at home, we prevent overwhelming our hospitals while buying time for our scientists to find the vaccine. And that is how we beat it." The video ends with a simple message: “Stay home.”

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