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Miley Cyrus performing live

Miley Cyrus: How She’s Coping During Self-Quarantine

Gettyimages | Denise Truscello
By Maurice Cassidy

Miley Cyrus has been open and honest about her experience with social distancing as many parts of the world continue to self-quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe on her Bright Minded talk show, the 27-year-old stressed how she was beginning to miss connecting with humans, adding that being apart from people she loved was proving to be quite a challenge.

The “Fly On The Wall” chart-topper explained: “We get so numb to people opening the door for us and saying, ‘Good morning. How are you?’

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Miley Cyrus 'Bright Minded' talk show
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“What would we give right now for it to be safe to open the door for somebody, but right now when we open the door, we think, ‘Oh, where's my glove, let me get my hoodie. I'm not allowed to look at you. Get six feet away from me.’

"And so I miss that human connection. I miss opening the door for somewhere and having the door open for me."

But it’s not all bad for Miley. She continued by saying that certain things in her neighborhood hadn’t changed during the coronavirus pandemic - and she couldn’t be happier about that.

Some Things Have Remained The Same

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“There's two girls that work at the cafe near my house that I get cappuccino from them every day, and I love them. 'They make my day. They always draw little smiling faces or put my initials in my cappuccino. I miss that. I miss that connection with my daily routine.”

If there’s one thing that Miley has learned from this experience, she says that she feels “more connected” with the world, sharing that she never realized how important communication was until she had no choice but to sit at home.

She Can't See Most Of Her Family Members

Miley Cyrus out and about
mileycyrus / Instagram

But the worst part about it, of course, is the fact that Miley also can't visit her family members. She, like the rest of the people affected by the disease, have to self-isolate for up to 14 days, meaning no social contact with anybody.

Self-isolating herself has allowed Miley to reconnect with family and friends via FaceTime, and from how things have been going so far, the former Disney Channel star says she feels closer to her grandparents than ever before.

She Worries About Her Grandparents

Miley Cyrus photoshoot
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“I think maybe take this time to write what you would want to say if you get on FaceTime, and then when it's safe for us all to be together again, telling our grandparents things that we haven't.

"Because I can't really remember the last time I felt the way that I feel about my grandparents now and to protect them.”

While the “We Can’t Stop” hitmaker was initially expected to release her highly anticipated seventh studio album “She Is Miley” later this year, it’s unclear what her record label plans to do given current circumstances concerning the coronavirus spread.

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