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Matthew McConaughey Tells Fans How They Can Wage 'War' on Coronavirus

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Savannah Pointer

Matthew McConaughey is once again weighing in on the fight against COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, by encouraging fans to assist in the effort against the spread of the disease by staying at home, and allowing healthcare workers to get ahead of the virus.

“We are at war with a virus, and health-care troops and first responders are on the front line fighting it every day,” the 50-year-old actor said in a compelling voice-over. “Let's join the fight by staying home.”

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McConaughey Posted the Video to Twitter


McConaughey’s video called on citizens to remember that the best way they can fight the virus to keep their fellow Americans safe is to stay home:

“Staying home is not a retreat, it's the most brave and aggressive weapon we have against this enemy,” McConaughey continues. “Because, when we do stay at home, we prevent overwhelming our hospitals while buying time for our scientists to find the vaccine.”

As McConaughey concluded, “And that is how we beat it,” text appeared in the video, simply stating: “Stay home.”

The Texas Native Told Reporters ‘Staying Home is More Than a Good Idea’


“It seemed like we need to let the message out that staying home is more than more than a good idea, that it’s actually what we need to do — what's necessary to win,” McConaughey told reporters Monday. “That’s why we started it off with saying, let’s look at this as it is a war that we’re in, instead of just saying, ‘Hey, is it a good defense to go stay at home?’ No, actually, it’s our greatest offense right now.”

This Isn’t the Actor’s First Foray Into Public Service Work


McConaughey honored not only the kids in America but his mother’s profession, donating upwards of a million dollars through a foundation helping young people grow their mind and body connection through fitness, nutrition and other wellness techniques, according to Cheat Sheet.

McConaughey, who hailed originally from the Piney Woods of East Texas, is the son of an oil pipe supply business owner and kindergarten teacher. He and his two older brothers attended school in Longview, Texas and also spent a year as an exchange student in Australia in 1989.

McConaughey Poured Millions Into the Foundation

Since finding fame through movies like_ Dazed and Confused, Angels in the Outfield,_ and more recently We Are Marshall and Dallas Buyer’s Club, McConaughey has put around $1.5 million into his foundation called “Just Keep Livin’.”

According to Cheat Sheet, the foundation was partially inspired by the passing of McConaughey’s father and is “based on the idea that part of living is about giving back. In addition to creating things you love with the people you love, Matthew firmly believes in helping others and in being a good neighbor.”

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