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What Is The Best Streaming Service To Subscribe To During The Quarentine?

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By Mario Perez

We know that ideally during this quarantine time you will have the luxury to be able to stay home first of all. If you can stay at home the best-case scenario is that you have a lot of different things that you can do at home to keep you busy. One of America's favorite pass times over the last few years is to binge-watch shows and movies through streaming service.

In this article, we are going to ponder which streaming service will fit your quarantine needs the best!

What Do You Want To Watch?

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A lot of people have the luxury of having access to more than one streaming service. In this hypothetical world, you would only have access to one streaming service. Which, is actually also a reality for many families across America. The first thing that a person would have to decide is what type of content they would be seeing the most of.

Are movies your thing? Maybe, you are looking to rewatch an old show. Some people may even be looking to discover new shows that they can fall in love with. So these are the categories, best movies, best TV shows, and best original content.

Who Has The Best Movies


Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr. Also known as Indiana Jones would agree that Disney Plus probably takes the cake in this category. The reason behind this is simple, the streaming service has all of the classic animation movies. That could really help you out if you have young children. It also boasts some of the best film franchises in history. With the Star Wars universe being available and movies such as Indiana Jones.

There is an argument to be made though, that other streaming services have a more diverse library of movies. Such as Netflix, but nostalgia could win in these difficult times.

Best TV Shows

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This one was also close, but some nostalgic feelings also played a part in choosing Hulu. It has Seinfeld, Sons of Anarchy and even Adventure Time on its list of shows. These shows are almost guaranteed to keep you glued to the TV for hours. Which, is what most people are looking for these days.

Amazon Prime and Netflix also have a strong case in this category. Again, especially since they offer a wide variety of shows that could suit pretty much any taste. Hulu just edges them out in the end!

Best Original Content

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When it comes to the best original content there is really no contest. Amazon Prime has made efforts to catch up, but Netflix is way ahead of the curve. Netflix also came in second in some of the other categories. Which, could indicate that it would take home the crown for the most versatile service as well.

This is not to say that other services like Amazon Prime are not worth it. Yet, if you had to choose only one streaming service it would be sort of hard to stick with them!

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