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Ariana Grande's New Beau Bears A Striking Resemblance To Her Ex

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By kenadijiba

Ariana Grande has not given up on love despite her hefty past. From Big Sean, who’s currently in a beautiful relationship with R&B singer Jhene Aiko, to Pete Davidson. It seems as if Ariana doesn't really have a type concerning the looks department. Mac Miller, God rest his soul, does not resemble Big Sean, and Big Sean doesn't look anything like Ricky. But, does it go past this? Could she be strongly attracted to certain personality types? Do all these men have something in common?

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Breaking Down Her Relationships

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If we break down the energy that this songstress gives off, there are a few things that off the rip come to mind. From initial appearances Ariana is a confident, stunning, and talented woman who doesn't have time for shenanigans, and ridiculous ultimatums. But, like that profound saying goes, don't judge books by their covers. If you listen to each of Ariana’s albums there are things that she has struggled with from the genesis of her career. Let’s analyze what her issues are.

Her Music

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Hits of hers that go deeper than the traditional club “bop” would be, “Dangerous Love”, and “Best Mistake”. After taking a listen to those, it's clear she has problems with commitment, and letting people she loves go. Now, this isn't something she should be degraded for. Most people deal with these problems in not only just romantic relationships, but also familial, and friend based ones. Interestingly enough Ariana seems to be very self aware through the medium of music about the toxicity of her own choices. Still, she doesn't refrain from going back and rewriting the past with each new conquest.

A New Man

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Luckily, Miss. Ariana looks to be turning over a fresh leaf with her more recent beau. Sadly, with the overproduction of memes during this Coronavirus crisis, people couldn't control themselves from creating some state of the art posts about her boyfriend. Some of the funniest highlighted how her new man is a better looking version of Pete Davidson, and honestly they're not wrong. Pete Davidson would probably agree after taking some time to compare each of their Instagrams. Someone should advise him not to, considering that would mess with anyone's self esteem.

Pete Davidson

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Don't we all after a messy breakup like to indulge our egos by saying to ourselves repeatedly, “ I was the greatest catch he/she could ever dream of getting”. For Pete, he’s admittedly said time and again it was tough dating Ariana due to how sought after she is, so already he had to deal with being the butt of every joke whilst in her presence. Now that she’s with another guy, he might feel even more overcome with emotion concerning the loss of a spectacular woman.

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