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Bill Gates Doesn't See Coronavirus Calming Down In April

Gettyimages | Michael Cohen
By kenadijiba

Bill Gates, although a very well respected billionaire who could say “hasta la vista” to the public, and live out the rest of his life in complete luxury, seems to be genuine in his worry over Coronavirus. He actually has a reputation for putting millions into humanitarian efforts, whether it be on behalf of getting clean drinking water to those without it, or trying to aid the fight in finding a cure for a plethora of illnesses. If anyone doubts the authenticity of Bill’s endeavors, please go look up his resume.

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Bill Gates

Giphy | Marcie LaCerte

Last week Bill Gates did an in-depth interview about the current pandemic that’s plagued not only “The United States”, but countries all across the globe. Unsurprisingly with all his work in medicine, which isn't necessarily his forte, Bill Gates has made fantastic strides. His honesty whilst speaking with Anderson Cooper was refreshing, akin to how Dr. Fauci has given the public a level of peace with every Coronavirus briefing. But, Bill didn't leave people with high levels of assuredness due to his feelings on social distancing.

American State Of Mind

Unsplash | Jonathan Riley

Americans are not used to being relegated to their homes. Unless of course this is by choice, and even now those who are proud introverts are craving contact. When Trump announced not too long ago right after Bill stated that social distancing won't stop until probably after April, it's now been officialized that this is the reality. At this time some sectors of society are feeling hopeless. Being at home all day without company, no job, and nothing else to do, it's no wonder suffering has become the status quo.


Unsplash | Nik Shuliahin

Psychologists were not lying when they said as humans we need validation from others in order to survive. Sure, we like to stay in from time to time, but this new way of life is taxing on mental health. Never will we as a people take for granted the simplicity of venturing out to the coffee shop for no apparent reason. Or going out for a night on the town at 2 am with the girls. Once this is finally over, young people are going to bust out like never before.

Roaring 20's

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The roaring 20’s will return, and the parties will be iconic. For right now everyone’s energy is being recharged, and hopefully we will all be able to enjoy at least a solid month of summer. Thankfully most of us have come together during this trying time, and have professionals like Bill Gates, who are working day and night on our behalf. His care for others despite having all the reason to not care, is admirable and socially responsible. It's a glimmer in the fog having contributors like Gates during crisis.

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