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Kelly Ripa looks stunning in this photo as she smiles brightly, wearing a puffy black dress at an event.

Kelly Ripa In Intense Mourning Following The Death Of Her Co-Star & Friend John Callahan

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman
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Kelly Ripa is really in a bad place as she has not only lost a colleague in the industry, she has lost a very close friend. The actress broke down in tears on Live Television, while speaking about her friend and it was so emotional to watch.

Ripa began her movie career in the early 90s when she landed a role as Hayley Vaughan in a popular series titled “All My Children.” The soap opera went on for more than ten years, and during this time, Ripa made a new family.

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Kelly Ripa looks breath-taking as she is captured on camera smiling while sitting on a white sofa.’
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In the movie industry, stars do not only act side by side in movies or television series, they often become a family bounded by friendship. This union may not seem like it because after acting, they are each rewarded with their salaries and move on to another project. However, the bond hat has been formed while on set lasts for a long time.

Ripa may not have talked much about John Callahan while he was alive, but they definitely had Ana amazing relationship while on set and those are the moments that she will cherish for the surest of her lives.

Kelly Ripa looks stunning in this fitted black suit with a white inner T-shirt to compliment.
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The truth is that no one plans for the demise of their friends. There is no way to speak or act when bad situations like this happen. This is also why watching Ripa cry her heart out today was very devastating for most of her fans.

The actress lamented that Callahan died too early and it was very painful for her that she would not get to see him again. Fans of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” watched the actress go from a slightly happy face to one full of tears.

John Callahan is daddy goals as he shares a lovely photo with his wife and child on a green grass.
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While on the show, Ripa mentioned that her weekend has been devastating as she lost a friend of over 30 years. She also proceeded to say some kind words about the former actor.

“He was a great actor, a really good friend. One of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He was the ex-husband of my first-born son’s godmother, Eva LaRue.” She said.

LaRue and Callahan got involved after the 90s soap opera, got married and had a child named Kaya. Unfortunately, the duo got divorced in 2005.


One amazing thing that Ripa is thankful for midst her sadness, is that her friendship with Callahan did not stop half-way. The 49-year-old revealed that while her and Callahan had a friendship of over 30 years, their children are also very good friends and it is the most amazing feeling ever.

On March 27, 2020 Callahan suffered a stroke and was rushed to the emergency room at Eisenhower Medical Center, located in Ranch’s Mirage. There, the doctors placed hi on life support. However, on 29th, he was pronounced dead.

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