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Trump's 'You People' Comment Did Not Go Down Too Well

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By kenadijiba

Every person of color who was casually cruising through the warzone that is Twitter, was not shocked to see the trending page filled with the phrase “you people”. Microaggressions are a part of the human experience when living life as a minority in the United States. From comments about hair, to questions about the most bizarre of things, people of color are used to these types of assertions. This one quintessential statement “you people” is probably at the top of the list when it comes to being the most offensive.

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Now, Trump is saying this particular phrase is not the best look. His dislike for certain sectors of the media has been an ongoing issue ever since he came into office. The reasoning behind his immense disdain for the media all translates back to how he is portrayed. From what Trump’s illustrated time and again, it is clear that he struggles with his ego. Even when he does do something good, his base has a hard time separating his work from a trove of “iffy” comments.

Politically Correct


Pre Trump getting into the Presidential race, most politicians were politically correct. He on the other hand has totally transformed this title. Whether that's for the better, or for the worse, is up to whoever you are currently speaking to. On one side of the coin, people admire how open he is, and then there are those who find him to be obnoxious. From whatever angle you swing on the pendulum, right and wrong aren't that easy to pin down. Sometimes everything appears to be much more grey in color scheme.


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If Trump does desire to not necessarily break away from his base, but spread his influence onto others who might not have dallied his way before, he must attempt to clean up his act. Those around him like Vice President Pence, who has a completely different image than Trump’s, should be giving him pointers. There has to be at least one person in Trump’s close circle who he listens to unabashedly during crisis. A great point to give him would be to think a tad more about what he releases onto the interwebs.

"You People"

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As for the issue at hand that went insanely viral yesterday, Trump while at a press conference, addressed a black journalist in an unsavory manner. While asking a question, Trump retorted with “you people”, and let's just say nobody was here for it. Even if Trump didn't understand the complexities of addressing a black woman in that way, he had to after the fact. As imperfect beings it’s a great skill to have when someone makes a mistake, and just owns up to it. By him publicly owning up to this, or atleast explaining his reasoning for his choice of words, it could illustrate humility.

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