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John Krasinski Reunites With Steve Carell In New Youtube Series

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By Mario Perez

In these times a lot of people are finding it hard to figure out what they want to do to pass the time. If you are a fan of the series "The Office" then you are probably one of the many people that are currently streaming it on Netflix.

You may want to take a break from your viewing though, to watch the first episode of Some Good News, hosted by John Krasinski in which a fellow The Office alumn makes a special appearance.

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SGN AKA Some Good News

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Krasinski is currently producing and starring in his own Youtube show that is titled SGN or Some Good News. The idea behind the show is basically to create a news show that only airs good news. To give people a chance to escape from the monotony that has taken over these quarantine days for many folks.

While also getting a chance to see some of the best "good news" stories that have happened in the last few days. The inaugural show was just this Sunday, we are not clear how long he will keep this going.

What To Watch During The Quarantine Days

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If you have already finished up your favorite TV series you may want to look into some other options to keep yourself entertained. Like Krasinski, many actors and musicians have taken it upon themselves to produce "shows" to help people through these times. Most famously, Miley Cyrus has started up a podcast where she also happens to have celebrity friends on to talk about a wide variety of issues.

Late-night show hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Trevor Noah have also done their part taping their shows from home with similar formats than the ones that their regular shows would have.

The Office's 15th Birthday


Of course, the most memorable part of Some Good News happened when Steve Carell joined John Krasinski and the two just started reliving some of their best memories from taping the show. Krasinski even shows bloopers of the two while filming the show as Carell tells the story of that particular seen.

It is certainly a nostalgic moment for all of the fans of the show. Who now may be wanting to tune in to Some Good News to see if the entertainment correspondent Steve Carell shows up again!

Will The Show Comeback?

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One of the biggest rumors throughout 2019 in the TV industry revolved around a potential reboot of the show. So far there has been no official confirmation as to whether or not a reboot is in the works. Sadly, with the whole COVID-19 situation it is likely that no filming of any show will be able to take place for some time.

Therefore, if there was a reboot in mind it is potentially going to be delayed as will other shows and movies that were set to be shot during this time.

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