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Ciara and Russell Wilson Go Live with Lala Anthony and Reveal what They Both Prayed For

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By Imani Ford

For years now, everyone has been asking Ciara what her prayer was. For those who don’t know Ciara and Russell Wilson have been "relationship goals" for years. A lot of fans note how Ciara had a major relationship glow up. She went from Mr. Toxic King himself Future to her dream husband Russell Wilson. One question that Ciara got often was “what was your prayer?” Ciara told people that she prayed for Russell so that’s why fans are eager to know what prayer she said.

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It's Mulitple Prayers

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Last week, Lala Anthony talked to Ciara and Russell Wilson on Instagram live. They were way deep into their conversation before Lala asked her the question every fan has wanted to know. Before this live, Ciara always kept her answers vague. This time Ciara went into more details and Russell even chimed in on what he prayed for. “I prayed many nights. The thing is like, people always say ‘the prayer’ it’s not one prayer it’s multiple players,” Ciara says.

Ciara Never Envisioned Being a Single Mom

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Ciara then goes on to say “Especially when you’re going through a big transition in life. I was a single mom in it and that’s something I never envisioned, never imagined.” After finding out that Future cheated on her, Ciara decided to leave him. “And at that point, you’re at a time in your life where you have to think about exactly where you are and where you wanna go” Ciara continues to say. This is when Russell jumped into the conversation.

Russell Chimed In


“The funny thing is everybody asks what the prayer was for Ciara, but nobody asks me what the prayer was for me” Russell adds. “I wanted a relationship, a long-lasting relationship. I wanted love, I wanted kids, I wanted a family. I didn’t want perfection; I want the perfect thing for me.” Russell even admitted that he made a list of 5 things that were non-negotiable for his ideal partner. Russell makes a good point because no one had ever asked him what he prayed for to get Ciara.

Russell Never Settled

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“I wasn’t gonna settle for three for five or four for five, we were going for five for five,” Russell explains. “I got five for five, plus some more.” This is when Ciara started to cry. This time it seems like Ciara clued in a little more as to what it takes to manifest your dream partner. Russell even gave a few pointers to go along with what it takes. Hopefully, fans will feel like she finally gave a clear answer as to what it takes. Chances are, fans are going to continue to ask her that question for years to come.

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