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Chanel West Coast poses for a photo

Chanel West Coast Gives Instagram An Eyeful In Spandex Sports Bra & Tiny Gym Shorts

Jerod Harris/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast isn't spending her coronavirus quarantine time stuffing her face with Doritos. The 31-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star updated her Instagram on Monday morning in full workout mode – COVID-19 has mostly seen the MTV face make headlines for admitting she's "bored" while showing off her booty in a sheer dress or "dodging corona" while topless. Today brought gym vibes.

Chanel posted two stories on Monday. The second showed a fully kitted-out gym and plenty of hot pink. The first reminded the rapper's 3.4 million followers what her gym-honed body looks like.

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Poppin' In Hot Pink Gym Shorts

Chanel West Coast poses in gym shorts
Chanel West Coast/Instagram

Chanel's story was a simple selfie. It showed the "Sharon Stoned" rapper in her bedroom and fully outfitted for her sweat session. Chanel was standing with her back to her mirror, seen flaunting her super-curvy booty in the world's tightest pair of hot pink gym shorts. A curve overload was being sent out as Chanel struck a pose in sneakers, also seen rocking a stark white spandex sports bra.

West Coast kept her hip-hop vibes strong via statement dark shades, but she opted out of any additional glam.

"Workout time," the star wrote with a muscle-arm emoji.

'Dodging Corona, Like' While Topless

Chanel West Coast poses topless with pasties
Chanel West Coast/Instagram

The eye-popping updates have stayed strong from Chanel. A recent string of images showing the brunette brave a topless look bar bondage-style leather strapping and pasties came well-received – "Just out here, dodging corona, like," the star captioned one of the shots. It currently sits at over 128,000 likes – and this is a celebrity who complains that her Instagram followers don't give her enough of them.

West Coast has also marked the global pandemic with a fun side – a recent video showed her dressed in a boiler suit and dancing to the now-viral and iTunes chart-entered "Coronavirus" remix from rapper Cardi B. Keep scrolling for the video.

Rant Over Not Getting Enough Instagram Likes

Chanel West Coast poses in a swimsuit
Chanel West Coast/Instagram

Earlier this year, Chanel made headlines for calling out her own fans – apparently, for not leaving her the positive feedback she felt she deserved.

"For the most part I f_cking like everybody's sh_t, and nobody likes my sh_t. And I'm just like, b_tch I'm f_cking famous on a million episodes of TV, and you got way less followers than me and I'm liking your sh_t and you don't ever wanna like my sh_t?" she wrote, adding:

"Who the f_ck do you think you are? You think I'm desperate because I'm friendly and liking your sh_t? Ain't nobody f_cking desperate, I'm just being nice."

Influencing For Fashion Nova Continues Amid Corona

Chanel West Coast poses in yoga pants and a sports bra
Chanel West Coast/Instagram

Chanel's "Ridiculousness" show has, as everything else in Hollywood, come to a halt. The series stopped filming with live audiences weeks ago, although that was before everyone was staying home.

One thing has continued for Chanel, though. The star's regular influencing for affordable clothing brand Fashion Nova has stayed strong, with a recent image showing Chanel looking stunning in a white athleisurewear look with a little Louis Vuitton thrown in for good measure. Chanel also has her own LOL Cartel clothing line.

For more from Chanel, check out her Instagram.

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